Welcome to Zoetic Dawn

Hi There! Welcome to Zoetic Dawn! I’m Jaime, a Holistic Empowerment Coach, working alongside you to write your story, your way.

I am a firm believer in the importance of bringing your whole being into alignment, to ensure you are the best author your story could ask for. What do I mean by that?

We are the authors of our stories, we create the main events in our life, and we have the power to be our own hero. The truth is, that it isn’t always an easy journey. From time to time challenges arise, your faith of self is questioned and you may ponder, what on earth am I doing? Zoetic Dawn provides you with the tools to overcome those experiences so you can keep rocking you.

At Zoetic Dawn, we empower you to focus on what is important for you. Through a range of techniques and a holistic perspective, we will smash through self-perceived blocks, reduce self-limiting beliefs and ramp up some old fashion and honest self-worth to support you in your journey, and that is the beginning. Our services are designed to empower you to:

  live your life your way – authentically
  follow your inner compass and
  allow your truth to guide the way, all while being in alignment… mind, body and soul.
It isn’t about being one thing. Empowerment comes when you bring all aspects of self together, allowing your passion, your potential, your truth to unfold.

So take a look around, check out the programmes, courses and range of things we can offer to empower you.