Welcome to Zoetic Dawn

Hi There! Welcome to Zoetic Dawn, an intuitive coaching service empowering others to become spiritual masterminds. Using their mind, body and soul to live a full and aligned life.

My name is Jaime, and you may have a lot of questions, starting with… what on earth is an spiritual mastermind? Well at Zoetic Dawn, it is someone who lives their life, their way. Authentic, honest and in alignment with their true journey. Someone who,

 lives life their way – authentically
  isn’t afraid to take risks
 follows their inner compass
 allows their truth to guide the way
 allows their potential to be unlocked
  is in alignment with self
 is honest with themselves
 loves purely and truly

A spiritual mastermind is someone who honours their journey, their way.

Now trust me, this isn’t always an easy journey. From time to time challenges arise, your faith of self is questioned and you may ponder, what on earth am I doing? Zoetic Dawn provides you with the tools to overcome those experiences so you can keep rocking you.

It isn’t about being spiritual. It isn’t about being in the now. It is about owning your process, owning your truth, and standing in your strength regardless of the circumstances around you.

So take a look around, check out the programmes, courses and range of things we can offer to empower you.