Finding Our Way…

Welcome to the first blog of Zoetic Dawn, we are excited to have you here.

We wanted to start with a little bit about how Zoetic Dawn was created, and why we are doing what we do.

So Zoetic Dawn was the master child created by me, Jaime. If you have followed the My Journey My Eye’s blog you will already know that I have recently started my spiritual journey. This process has been enlightening to say the least, giving me a chance to really reflect not only on my past, and of course my future but my now.

It’s the now moment we seem to forget. We get caught up in the day to day tasks of attempting to get ahead, that we completely forget to appreciate the little things. We forget to take in the moment of beauty, to laugh, to love and to live with a vitality that only you can bring to your world.

Which, is where Zoetic Dawn came into it. I have been asked a lot lately over the last six months, what do I think my purpose is? My answer has always been the same, to support others. I was undecided as to what that support looked like, be it mentoring, teaching or counseling. I was never sure how and where I wanted to be. So instead I bounced around, doing lots of things, but never really finding the thing that made me tick.

Zoetic means vital, to live. Zoetic Dawn, to me, refers to my wish to empower you, to say hello to the new Dawn of Vital Living. To be in the moment completely and live in a way that empowers you to live a life of abundance. To bring forth the magic that is in the world, and to have the confidence to chase your own dreams, and exceed your own expectations…

Because you can exceed your own expectations. Sometimes by focusing so much on the future, all the things that could go wrong, going risk adverse to the extreme and cause unnecessary stress, and negative outcomes to come to forefront.

Zoetic Dawn isn’t about right and wrong. Zoetic Dawn is about empowering you to make decisions for you. It is your life, and we can provide tools for your toolkit, empowering you to take charge, to change, to fix and to create an amazing life.

So if you are still with me, welcome on this journey. Be it through following the My Journey My Eyes blog, this blog or one of our one to one services, I am glad to have you here with us.

Check back here or subscribe for regular updates, and quick tips to empower you on your journey.



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