Owning Your Intent

Hi Lovelies,

If you have found your way back to my page, thanks for returning, and if this is your first visit then many happy welcomes to you. I decided a long time ago, when setting up Zoetic Dawn as a concept, that I didn’t want the whole site to just be about selling a product or service.

That’s where the blog comes into it. To me, we learn so much more by sharing stories, so if I can share some random thoughts with you all, perhaps we can begin to create our community of sharing and create brilliant connections. Remember, what you have to say may resonate with someone else, and help them at this time. On the flip side of that you may just find what you are looking for. 

So in a true “Random Thought Way”, today’s blog is focused around something that I put onto Facebook. Something that has really resonated with me lately. We create our reality. We set our intent every day, and every day that intent returns to us in the form of situations both positive and negative. 

This was such a hard topic for me to get my head around. Why do we have bad things happen, surely I don’t wake up in the morning with the express purpose of having a bad day, but we all have them right? The day where we kick our toe on the dresser as soon as we get out of bed. We hobble to the shower only to slip and bang our head. We spill coffee down our new outfit, followed by losing our keys, getting stuck in traffic and missing the elevator when we need to climb 10 stories to a meeting which starting half an hour ago. 

I’m not saying its something intentional that we do, and trust me when I say, you are not alone in this aspect, but sometimes we let our situations control how we react instead of allowing our thoughts create our situations. See no matter how you look at it, evidence of this back and forth relationship between intent and outcome has always been evident. From the bad days from the moment you get out of bed, through to hitting every red light down a stretch of road, to the amazing days where we feel amazing and amazing things come to us… it can even be seen in the fact that it is much easier to remember happier memories when we are in a good mood, and negative memories when we aren’t. Even our own thoughts betray us to the same process of like attracts like. 

So what can we do about it? We all have dreams, things we want to achieve… the journey to your success starts now, by accepting that you hold the power to turn your dreams into a reality… by setting your intent, your purpose and allowing positive outcomes to dominate your thoughts… dreams + intent = really does result in your reality… Think of intent like food for your dreams, allow your intent to become the food to foster, nurture and grow your dreams to a reality. 

So what tools can you use to start focusing on your intent? A simple exercise I have used recently is to select an item of clothing or accessory in the morning that makes me happy, even if I select the item the night before, the intent of positivity gives me a kick up the backside in the morning, like a positive jump start to get me humming right to start… it might just be something little, but it does help… 

That’s enough from me for a random thought of the day 🙂 what ways do you bring positivity into your life? 



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