Happiness Challenge 

Awhile ago I realized that as humans beings, we have a terrible habit of putting other peoples emotions, their wants, and their needs ahead of our own. This tends to result in a a very unhappy, stressed person who is spending all of their time looking after everyone else.

There is nothing wrong with sharing the love, in fact, I whole heartedly believe in the importance and relevance of sharing the love, but when you are running low on self-love yourself, giving what little you do have left to everyone else, in the long run will do more damage.

Now I am not saying that you don’t feel good for looking after others, because 99% of us do. We get a real kick out of seeing the ones we love happy, and an even bigger jolt of energy when we helped create that happiness, but what I am saying is that if we put in even 10% of that same effort into focusing within, then we would be better balanced already.

All it takes is 5 minutes. 5 minutes to sit and do something that makes you smile, and that smile can make all the difference. Look at it this way, you take 5 minutes in the morning, you smile and begin your day in a beautiful way. On your way to work that morning to smile to stranger, than stranger is warmed by your smile and passes it on.. to someone else… to someone else… You just never know how far that smile will travel, and that’s come just from looking after yourself! Amazing right?

So get out there and experience the world and be happy. Share your happiness with the #, #Zoeticdawn. Lets start an avalanche of happiness rolling…



2 thoughts on “Happiness Challenge 

    • ZoeticDawn says:

      Thanks! I love the mention of self-compassion! We are taught to be compassionate to everyone else from a young age, yet we are taught (often not intentionally but rather through modelling) to be self-critical… and then wonder why we are so hard on ourselves!

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