5 Minutes of Peace 

With the way that we are so connected across the globe, we have the ability to stay up 24 hours and to never be “alone”. It is an amazing thing, that at any stage you could find someone to talk to, and it provides huge benefits for those who struggle to relate to people in their immediate life.

But like anything, there is a cost to the interconnectness of the globe today. Stemming from globalization and the expansion of communication and the market place into a more international realm, life seems to be getting busier and busier. Now I am not saying that it is solely from innterconnectness that the rush rush rush of daily life has formed, but I do believe it certainly has not helped.

Everyone is always doing something, trying to get ahead, trying to stay on top of it, and as the world gets more and more hectic, we find less and less time for ourselves. As we start relationships and families, as we expand or cement our social circles the emphasis on self reduces and the go go go feeling increases. No longer are you running from one thing to the next for yourself, but you have to do this for the baby, that for the spouse, and this, that and the other thing for work.

So when do you get a break? Some days it seems near impossible to make time for ourselves. Well, one of the things I love to do is doodle, so I combined the need to write this post with my 5 minute of peace technique of doodling, aaaaand what we have is …

There are many different things you can do for 5 minutes to give yourself a break. It’s not what you do, but rather that you are doing something for you, that you love. See when you take the time to just be yourself, amazing things can happen.

Benefits of Taking a Break

1) You feel more rested – taking a 5 minute break can really help the energy levels by providing your body with the opportunity to come out of flight or fight mode and just be. This translates to more productivity when you are working, and overall better wellbeing.

2) You feel calmer – we all have those days when we are overwhelmed. When it feels like we have things coming at us from every direction and aren’t making any progress towards your overall task at the time. Taking a 5 minute break gives your mind a moment to stop. Literally, to stop responding to the chaos and refocus on what it is you want to achieve.

3) Better productivity – given the chance to stop and refocus 9 times out of 10 will also translate into better productivity. You get a chance to release the nagging thoughts and tasks and realign your to do list to something a bit more realistic. Actually having a break itself gives your mind and body a chance to rest results in an overall better you.

4) Generally Happier – perhaps the best benefit from taking time out is a generally happier you. Even if you only get 5 minutes it means that you spend 5 minutes doing something positive for you. Which can never be a bad thing for your own wellbeing.
At the end of the day we have all seen it and probably been guilty of it. We come home from work, exhausted. We have cleaned up, gone to the supermarket, cooked a dinner that wasn’t even eaten by the toddler, prepared for the next day and flopped down in front of the TV and don’t move. We don’t respond to requests for communication from those around us, because our brain has completely shut down. We just sit. A couple of hours later we head to bed, still mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. Except now, we have the added pressure of feeling guilty for not being more productive with our time…

Its a vicious cycle that will continue until you make the conscious decision to listen to your mind, listen to your body and listen to your soul. It will only end when you make time for your own well-being…
Take a chance – all you have to loose is 5 minutes right?
What other acitivities could you do in a 5 minutes break? Share your ideas below 🙂



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