5 Ways to Stay Motivated

Hey There!

Motivation is a funny thing. When motivated, especially for the right reasons, we can rise above advertise, we can topple towers, climb mountains and face our worst fears. Yes, when demotivated, we can do… well… nothing. Everything comes to a grinding halt and we just sit.

And wonder….

And end up more disheartened.

There are so many reasons why we can become demotivated. But the focus of this particular post is to keep our eyes on the prize and maintain motiavtion, even when we are dying to stay at home, in bed, in the fetal position, eating chocolate… or am I the only one who has been there lol!

So today, as we head into the weekend, I want to share with you my top 5 motivation teachniques. If you have any others feel free to share them below in the comments or share this post with the people who you love who may need a kick up the beeeehind.
1. Write a list, or draw a list, or type a list – just trust me make a list.

Often we have so many things piling around us that we don’t know where to start. Believe me from experience, that having to much to do is actually a real problem we face today. We are often so desperate to find a starting point that when we can’t we just … well take a nap (in fact I am pretty sure there is a meme out there about that!) Aaaanyway. Lists can be a great way to prioritize your thoughts, to work out your crucial items and importantly make you identify a realistic starting point. On the plus side a to-do list actually gives you something you can cross out. Or scribble or even crumple into a ball and throw away (if you use individual post it notes or paper that is!). The simple act of crossing something out on your to-do list can really motivate you to keep going, because crossing something out enforces productivity, encouraging you to keep going.

2. Set  your goals.

I remember as a teenager (refraining from saying “back in my day”) we had actual classes on writing goals. It appears that this tradition in a lot of high schools has stopped and as much as I mocked it too no end at school, now I really see the value. Setting goals helps you to aim for something, and setting realistic goals can help you achieve some pretty amazing things. The thing to goal setting is to have a mix of long, medium and short term goals. If you are constantly working towards long term 5 or 10 year goals, it can be pretty discouraging because it feels like you never achieve anything, but through in some quick goals or runs on the board and watch your desire to continue achieving grow!

3. Take time to daydream.

How do you know what your dreams are if you don’t take time to dream them? Seriously. Take time to work out what your heart desires. We all know that our thoughts really do become our reality so day dream a little and see where your mind takes you… you might just find what you are looking for.

4. Baby Steps

This is something I say a lot. You don’t have to achieve everything in a matter of moments. A lot of things take planning, they take time, evaluation and reviewing. And ya know what? That’s okay, in fact its more than okay. So if you are being demotivated by a task so big that you don’t think you can achieve it – break it down into baby steps (with to-do lists 😉 ) because smaller tasks allow you to achieve consistently while working towards the bigger and more intense goal. Think about it like it, if you wanted to by a house but were currently unemployement, the idea of purchasing a home could be so far out of your view. But if you break it down into baby steps, full of long, medium and short goals you get to start achieving great things, while maintaining motivation to keep going. You could start with writing a CV, followed by gaining interview skills, gaining employment, paying off debt, saving and buying… a major goal that seemed near impossible at the start becomes a bit more achieveable with some fresh perspective, and smaller steps.

5. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

This is probably the one tip I cannot say enough. We are our own worst critic, which is tough given the world is full of them, why add another to the mix?  I know, it is so much easier said than done, but it is probably the biggest most important thing there is. Our own self thoughts are the biggest cause of demotivation that I know of. The I can’t, it’s too hard, it’s too expensive, I’m not good enough, of our own mind are really telling our self one thing. That you aren’t worth it. And I am here to say you are. You are worth it, your dreams are worth it. So take a break, go outside, breath some fresh air and remind yourself that you can. For every time you think you can’t, stop, and say actually, I can and I am awesome…

Because you are…
Hopefully these little tips are things that can help. As we move into a new season, particularly the silly season of Christmas a little bit of planning and importantly a little bit of self love will see you and your motivation stay in tact…

Do you have any other tips you could share?

Until next time


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