HEY YOU! You are pretty awesome! 

If you follow the My Journey My Eye’s blog you may have seen my short blog on the importance of releasing negative emotions. Negative emotions have the power to infect our lives, and create infections of the soul. They also have the ability to create infections of the mind and body. So today I wanted to do something a little different.

And we know this, yet we continue to be our own worst enemies, our own harshest critic and we seem to hold ourselves far more accountable that we hold anyone else… What’s up with that?

We make excuses for others, take the blame for mistakes that ar not our own and allow others to critic and destroy our own sense of self… and we do it too ourselves of course, on a daily basis.

Do I look okay in this? Oh I should have worn that, I should be doing this, I can’t believe I did that! How stupid am I!

Seriously? What’s up with that?

Today I wanted to remind anyone and everyone who stumbled across this blog…

You are pretty awesome!

And now I am going to tell you why….

3 Reasons You Are Amazing!

1) You made it to this part of the blog…

No Seriously – you are amazing because you are reading about self-love. You are amazing because you have taken 5 minutes out of your day to read something new, to get to know yourself a bit better and you are amazing because you are addressing the lack of self-love issue.

2) You are alive…

It’s a lot harder to change the world, or to live the most authentic you possible if you are not physically here to do it. Being alive is awesome, you have the opportunity to experience this world as a human being. That means the highs and yes it means the low’s but you are alive and that is pretty awesome.

3) You are working on it…

And how do I know that? Because you are still here, reading away, beginning to connect the dots that you as a human are epic, you are fantastic, you are amazing. You can be amazing and still have bad days, that doesn’t take away your awesomeness! What I am going to do those, is challenge you, right here right now.

Next time you are having a bad moment, be it a minute, an hour, a day, I want you to stop and think

“Hey, I am Awesome! This moment doesn’t define who I am and I can be awesome right now”.

Just watch the world shift when you begin to see how awesome you truly are, yes everyone has “areas of improvement” but our job on this earth isn’t to sit there and point them out! Our job is to experience, to lead a life that allows you to grow, to develop, to experience this earth.

And that, is pretty awesome.

Don’t be afraid to tell everyone why you are awesome, because honestly, the world is full of judgement. Its about time we begin to love ourselves, and spread that love around.


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