Self-Love Weekend Challenge

Some days being all self love and sunshine can be difficult. We have all had them, when everything is going wrong but we still have to adult and to function?

Well following on from my Tuesday’s awesome post, I want to extend the self-love out over the weekend.

So I am challengeing you to fall in love with yourself this weekend. I know, I know, for some this task may be difficult, but you have your whole life to be with yourself, and trust me, its a long time when you don’t love the person you are hanging out with!

So  below for today (Friday), Saturday and Sunday, there are a couple of small tasks to complete, each designed to remind you why you are awesome and why you deserve the loves, especially from within…

So are you game enough top join me? I will be tracking my journey over on Facebook and Twitter, and would love for you to share your experiences too…


1) Write down or doodle, or sing, or tell someone, but get it out! At least one thing about yourself that you are proud of.

2) Follow that up with a memory of something you did that you were proud of or loved.


1) Identify three qualities about yourself that you like…

2) Follow that up with some self-love… spend at least 10 minutes today doing something that makes you smile, for not other reason than making you smile…


1) Start today off with a little love-fest…now think about a time when you received a compliment and didn’t accept it gracefully (I am the queen of this)… even if its just in your own head take 5 minutes, reflect on the compliment and say thank you…

2) Extend the love-fest out… Make a to – do list for next week and include and least three opportunities to remind yourself why you are awesome, why you deserve the love and why you are just down right fantastic…

3) Finish this wee challenge off witha quick self-care check in and answer the following:

  • How did you find the challenge?
  • What was the hardest?
  • What did you enjoy the most?
  • Pick one thing that you are going to do on a regular basis to remind yourself how awesome you are?

If you liked the challenge then feel free to share, spread the love as wide as possible… This challenge started in little old Palmerston North, New Zealand. I would be intrigued to see how far the love can go?

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