Visualisation – Magical or Mockery?

Hi Beautiful People

Manifestation. Visualisation. Dreams creating reality. Dream it into exsistence. The Law of Attraction.

All of these terms refer to one thing. That we, as human beings, have the power to manifest our own dreams into reality. Because WE have been manifesting our circumstances since we exsisted. We have created every situation we have faced (an on a spiritual level not only have we created it, but we chose it in a number of instances).

Yet, many continue to live below the poverty line. Many continue to struggle emotionally, mentally, financially and socially. The arguement that is often presented when someone talks about the power of visualisation is usually along the lines of “what about the hungry children in Africa?”, “what about this?”, “what about that?”, “why haven’t I won lotto yet?”.

From the physics, trying to make myself sound smart point of view, the Law of Attraction, in essence makes sense. Like attracts like. Everything about us as human beings can be translated into energy. From our hair, to our smiles, to our thoughts, everything is energy reacting with energy. So yes, in theory, when like attracts like, our thoughts should have the power to influence our reality.

Well, I am going to attempt to turn this theory on its head once again, or at least side ways offering a new perspective…

I truly believe that visualisation is an extremely powerful tool to empower people to make positive life changes. To encourage people to take the next steps in their business, to put themselves out there in their relationships, to truly chase their dreams.

There – I said it – I believe in the Law of Attraction, and I do believe that intent and visualisation can really have a profound effect on how you live your life. I have seen it in action with my friends, and I have felt it in action with my own circumstances. I mean shoot, there are even studies suggesting that we view our reality different to our friend sitting on the sofa next to us. So what I am going to do today, is present this theory in a way, which hopefully changes your views if you are a non believer 😉 .

When you set goals, when you are aiming to achieve something, that you have actively put intent into, what do you do? You work. You put measures in place that will enable your success. You set smaller goals to achieve the wider goals. You associate yourself with people who align with your goal. You research your area of interest, you put the effort into succeed.

Have we not be taught as children that to achieve you have to work for it? To an extent it’s true, just like, to an extent the Law of Attraction in terms of straight intent creating and manifesting our dreams is true. In my view everything is a little bit of give and take. You need to work for what you want, too and extent. You should not be exhausted, you should not be working 20 hour days, damn near killing yourself to succeed. If that is what you are doing, then I challenge you to review your definition of success. On the other side of this coin however, you also shouldn’t be sitting back waiting for the universe to hand everything to you on a platter. Yes I believe the universe will work WITH YOU to provide you the life you desire, I believe in synchronicity. That events will occur to support your path, but if you turn them down… then you turn them down.

So, I believe visualisation is very real and very magical. But I also believe you have to TRULY want it. That you have to work for it, because if you work for it, if your intent is true, THEN you will notice the events making their way to support your dream. You will accept the opportunities as they knock on your door. You will achieve greatness.

So my challenge to you for this coming week is to play with the idea of visualisation.

What do you want to achieve?

Are you prepared to work for it?

Start small if you want. I used to play around with it, setting intent to hear a certain song, to see a certain person, to eat a certain food. Small things that I believed could happen, that I could accept when opportunities presented themselves.

Let me know how you get on, and check back later this week for my top 3 tips to start using visualisation is a self-empowerment technique.

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