Top 3 Visualisation Techniques

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Following on from my last post (go on check it out, you know you want too), I mentioned that I believe using visualisation can be an incredibly useful tool for self-empowerment. Owning your own intent and wants and desires, and akcnowlegeding and not being afraid to say this is what I want can be incredibly liberating and have an amazing flow on effect. So below I give you my top three tips for making visualisation a daily or at least weekly part of your routine.

1) Journal.

This technique doesn’t work for everyone, so change it up a bit to suit you. If writing isn’t your thing then try Bullet Journals (my current obsession 🙂 ), draw, doodle, write in code! Whatever it is, just get your desires out, into the world. As long as your thoughts sit around in your head, that’s where they stay. Commit by putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard and actually own what it is you want.

Each week I note down what I want to achieve for the coming week. I take my time imaging the situations where I am successful, and truth is I find it quite challenging not to worry about every negative thing that could cross my path. If you are like me and are naturally pessimistic or as I like to call it – having a plan – as these thoughts come to you, acknowledge and release. Have faith that should that happen you will still be able to handle any situation that comes your way.

So whether it’s daily, weekly or something else, get your dreams out onto paper or screen or something that isn’t inside your head. The reason I find this technique SO useful is because by putting it down on paper, you end up using another key visualisation technique. Actually visualisation! By sitting down and working out the details, it makes your dreams so much more tangible, which makes you want them even more, setting your intent clear as day, and more achieveable.

2) Affirmations

If you saw my first live video on Facebook, you would know that 10 years ago I used to think affirmations were the dumbest thing ever! How were words going to help me? How were words going to change my self-esteem, my situation and my dreams?

Well come across me even 3 years ago there I am actively using affirmations in my job! I don’t know what flipped the switch, but all of a sudden affirmations made sense to me. Focusing on the positive, on abundance and gratefully accepting opportunities for growth was so crucial, and what better way than with a catchy phrase.

Seriously, I am not being sarcastic. Each week on the Zoetic Dawn facebook page I load a weekly affirmation. These affirmations are to support you to reach your dreams. If they do nothing but make you smile, then that is a smile you didn’t have before, and I don’t quite know how to explain it, but affirmations create a flow on effect. They are a beautiful catalyst that kick-starts your internal motivation, that gives you a push to chase your dreams. Leading to your success.

3) Flow-Charts to Success

I personally love this one. I am a bit of stationery geek, so anything that lets me crack out the pens and fresh pieces of paper and I am in. The logic behind this technique is pretty simple. Start with your goal. Your ultimate success point and work backwards from there. What do you need to achieve before you achieve that success. Another way to look at this is a to-do-list. Not only are you putting in effort to visualise your goal, you achieving your goal, and obtaining success, you have to visualise yourself achieving all the smaller steps as well. That’s a whole lot of love and happiness as you achieve each step. How amazing will you feel every time you tick something off… it takes you one step closer to your predetermined goal, as well as giving you loads of warm fuzzies along the way – win win!

So those are my top 3 visualisation techniques. There are many more out there such as meditation, but these are the top three that take little to implement and can be done regularly. These also service multiple purposes with the flow charts becoming your to-do list, your affirmations teaching you about grace and humbleness, and your journalling allowing you to get more than just your goals down on paper. Multi-tasking for your highest good! I love it…

So, have I convinced you? Visualisation, more magic less mockery?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Top 3 Visualisation Techniques

  1. Louise Foerster says:

    I love this — I’ve seen these ideas before, but not together and not so motivating me to pull out my own stationery and markers, pens, and pencils and sprawl dreams and goals across the page! I love the 13-week planner that keeps goals right in front of you — cannot remember the name, but it is terrific and motivating…much as you seem to find your bullet planner.

    Liked by 1 person

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