Visualisation Challenge 

I don’t know if you caught the theme this week or not 😉 but I am on a bit of a visualisation kick. So this week, I challenge you to find an object that is small enough for you to keep on your person. A rock, a necklace, a feather, a key ring.

Something that you can carry with you daily.

This item is your Visualisation Trigger. Attached to this object is your intent for success, whatever that success looks like for you.

Over the next 7 days, every time you come across this object I want you to stop (unless you are doing something where stopping could be dangerous like driving or walking across a road) for 10 seconds and just imagine yourself in seven different scenarios. You will find these scenarios below. How does that feel?

Saturday – How will you feel when you achieve your goal?

Sunday – How will you feel when you achieve a stepping stone to your goal?

Monday – How will you feel the night before you gain your goal?

Tuesday – How do you feel knowing you are working towards your goal?

Wednesday – Think about a smaller goal to achieve success, how does it feel to achieve that?

Thursday – How does it feel knowing you have set your intent for your success?

Friday – How do you feel knowing that you have set the wheels in motion to succeed?

There will also be a Facebook Event created via Zoetic Dawn, for this challenge so people can share how the exercise has gone for them if your interested check it out 🙂

Hopefully by the end of the week, I may have finally convinced those non believers that Visualisation is more magical than anything else 🙂

Good Luck and Happy Visualisation 🙂

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