Top 4 Tips to Stay Motivated 

Hi Everyone
This particular post follows on from a Live Facebook Video I did during the Visualisation Challenge.

One of the things I commonly see occur is a slow but sure demotivation of Visualisation. Visualisation isn’t usually something that happens over night, so the longer it takes for it to come to fruition, whatever it is, the more demotivated you can become, especially with out some constant stimulus. So I thought it would be nice to share my Top 4 Tips to stay motivated.

1) Stand Back and Take a Moment

Often demotivation occurs, and the theme of the demotivation is something that a person has faced many times before. One way to combat this is to take a moment and look at things from a different perspective. Acknowledge that you are being demotivated, acknowledge that there is a challenge at the moment, and sometimes you can even look at it and see a positive in the shadows.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1) Have I faced something similar before?

2) What did I do then?

3) What was the outcome?

4) Did I learn from it?

5) Can I learn from this experience?

6) What positive can I see, hear, feel, smell, touch and taste here?

Stoping to take a moment and ask yourself this questions allows you to acknowledge any lessons you learnt in the past which could support you now, and acknowledge and release any negative associations, AND support you too look for positives in the situation. Even if it is a tiny tiny positive, it is a positive that hasn’t been around before.

2) Forgive

As a concept most people have a service understanding of what forgiveness is and how it works, but in practice, forgiveness is something which sends a lot of people into denial. For your visualisations to come into reality, forgiveness plays a large part. Forgiveness of self.

I don’t want to spend to long going on about forgiveness, but rather ask you a couple of questions.

1) If you don’t forgive yourself for perceived injustices, how can you truly feel and experience your dreams? When you think you have acted against yourself or someone else, do you truly have love for yourself and gratitude for the beautiful things you have the power manifest?

2) When you hold on to perceived pain? Can you move forward? Can you visualize all your potential?

3) Take a proactive stance

This is your life. These are your dreams? Take hold of them and go for all opportunities as they present yourself.

There are some schools of thought as I have mentioned that believe manifestation comes into fruition by acting as though you have received your dreams already. I do believe in this, but I ask you this now, if you have achieved your dreams are you just going to stop? Are you going to stop striving to experience your life? Are you going to ignore possibilities and opportunities? Of Course not!

You are going to live your dreams, and that means taking hold of every opportunity. Being proactive and enhancing your life. So why not start that now? Is that not the best way to live as though you have truly achieved your dreams?

4) Do something you love

This one is pretty simple in the grand scheme of things. Every day make sure you have 5 minutes to yourself.

Walk, run, read, play, draw, paint, write do something you truly love, if even only for a short time.

Why? Well it related back to being proactive. Don’t stop doing the things you love just because you are working on achieving your goal. The more you do things you love, the more opportunities to do the things you love will present themselves.

Not only that but your being will be much more balanced, and when faced with challenges your resislence and response to those challenges will be more based from a love perspective than a stressed, overworked and underpapreciated standpoint.

It may seem selfish, but seriously book out a few minutes each day to do what you want, for no other reason that it makes you feel great.
So that’s it really, my top 4 tips for visualisation, now is the time to live a great life, don’t wait for tomorrow when you can achieve today.

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