Top 3 Tips for the Silly Season

Every year it feels like the world spins a little faster, time moves a little quicker and I am caught off guard with just how early it seems the holidays have come.

Well, the truth of the matter is that time, in one way is actually moving faster than the previous year. As you get older, you have more time to compare a year too. Say for example you where 100 years old, one single year would be 1% of your entire life. In comparison, if you were 50 years old then one year equates to 2% of your life. The reality is, the older you are the faster everything seems to move.

And, the next reality check is that, that is a-okay. Its the way the world works and you can either embrace it right now… or fight against it. This year, Zoetic Dawn has decided to take control back and here are our Top 3 Tips for surviving the Silly Season, regardless of what is going on for you.

1) Acknowledge

You know how every year it seems there are a couple of things that stress you out more than anything else. This time of year it usually relates to your family coming to stay, not having the food organized, or being generally unorganized. Our first tip is to acknowledge those things.

For us, we believe by naming our stressors we can defeat them. It is a lot harder to minimize the ongoing impact of an undefined thing, so for us, Acknowledging two things is crucial. These two things greatly impact on how you feel when you wake up in the morning, and a blissful waking period turns into a blissful day.

  • Acknowledge that you are stressed. In our experience there is nothing more disheartening and discouraging that ignoring your stress levels. By pretending the stress doesn’t exist then the stress just move around your body. From shaking, to high blood pressure, the impact stress has on your body when not acknowledge and dealt with is extremely dangerous.
  • The second thing we believe that it is crucial to acknowledge – are the things that are stressing you. As mentioned above, its easier to minimize a stress that has a name, in comparison to one that doesn’t.

2) Accept

Our next tip for success over the holiday season is to accept. We are all for visualisation, we are all for creating your own reality, and sometimes that means accepting that certain things will happen. These things can be positive or “negative” but the reality is that it’s all based on perception.

I mean, take a look around and accept all the beauty that is coming your way during a stressful time. Accept the help when offered to organise and cook food for everyone. Accept the king gesture of opening a door while carrying a whole of boxes, and pass that kindness on. Recently Lady Gaga disclosed some personal information about herself, during which she highlighted what had helped her. Kindness.

So accept kindness when offered, pass kindness on. You don’t have to do it alone most of the time – accept that.

On the flip side we often find during the Holiday season is the one time we need to accept people for who they are. You know, the family or friends who are hanging around during the holiday season that you normally wouldn’t interact with. We want to challenge you to find the good in them. Find the one thing that is a positive attribute, and use it to accept them into your world, if even for a moment.

One of my favourite TV shows is One Tree Hill so to quote one of my favourite characters “Every song ends, is that a reason not to enjoy the music?”

The reality is sometimes things are beyond our control. The sooner we accept that we cannot control every little aspect of every little thing, the more enjoyable life becomes. Think of what you can learn from each song, each note, each beat, each beautiful sound working to construct something magical…

3) Release

Our final tip to surviving the Silly Season is Release.

Which follows on from acknowledgement, acceptance through to release (you can see where we am going with this right?).

Truth is, sometimes we face difficult times. We have to live through events which are terrible, or be exposed to things beyond our control. Sometimes a Holiday season can be the catalyst to these events, or they can be a trigger for memories. That’s why we believe the 3rd tip has to be about the power of releasing that pain, that energy, and allowing more beauty and love into your life.

At the end of the day the Silly Season, regardless of what religion you follow or celebratory traditions you have, have the power to be incredibly stressful. These moments can be made all the more stressful by not acknowledging, accepting and importantly releasing that which no longer serves you.

The holiday season for most is a moment to bring people together for a common theme. For some that theme is religion, for others it is family traditions, but whatever the moment is, WE as in self are always forgotten. That’s what releasing is actually all about. It’s looking within and releasing that which no longer benefits you or your situation, because that is what makes room for more. More love, more peace, more beauty, more life, more experiences and importantly, less stress.

So, those are our top three tips for the silly season. We have been working hard to come up with a way to activity work towards a happy holiday season. So, we creating a more self-reflective and interactive 12 days of the silly season programme which for 2016 is being offered completely FREE of charge. If you want more information about the programme  which expands on the above tips, and provides one on one support through the Zoetic Dawn Inner Circle Facebook group then it could be what you are looking for. Click here for more details 🙂


Happy Holidays

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