Perfection… The elusive dream…

Hi Lovelies

I stumbled across a quote today, that, on the surface didn’t resonate with where I am in my journey, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The quote went round and round in my head, and then I had an ah ha moment, where I actually I found a piece of beauty inbetween the lines. So as I am in a very reflective mood at the moment, I wanted to share the quote, and my thoughts and hopefully get yours as well.

So the quote comes from Winston Churchill

It improve is too change, so to be perfect is to have changed often

Now, on the surface this quote doesn’t resonate with me. I personally believe that perfection is a dream that actually isn’t worth chasing. Perfection isn’t real, but understanding your now moment, and seeing the beauty within that moment, really is what I consider perfect.

But a perfect life? A perfect family, friends, worklife etc I don’t believe is real perfection. So, when I reviewed the quote with my own definition of perfection, the quote shifts into something much more beautiful. So what is perfect to you?

To me perfect means

Accepting and living in the now, acknowledging the challenges, releasing that which no longer serves you, and allowing the beauty to flow within your day to day moment. Being present in your journey and traveling on your own authentic path.

That too me, is perfect. That too me, is a perfect moment of beauty, of love and life, and if you can live in the moment, then that is truly perfection.

So how does one gain that? We go with it, we flow with the ebbs and flows of life, we change because change is the only constant in this world. Things change from day to day, second to second, I mean in Palmerston North the weather isn’t even constant. So we roll with it, we adapt and we grow and we learn and we love.

We go through the journey staying true to ourself, working with the change to create even more beauty in our incarnation, and we continue to improve. We acknowledge, accept and release. We life a life that resonates with our soul, releasing that which no longer does.

For change is not a scary thing, change brings beauty and growth. Change brings the opportunity for perfect moments. So take change with both hands and face it head on. Ebbs, flows and all.

Change brings moments of perfection. Are you ready to walk your truth and see that perfectness that resonates within you?


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