Top 3 Tips to find your Inner Compass

Every year at this time I find every where I look I see people going through the motions, myself included. We go form one thing to the next attempting to tick things off shopping lists, and to do lists, and more and more things mounting up.

So how do you stay on top of everything ensuring the to do list gets done, all while maintaining an inner balance and peace of mind and soul? Well, over the years I have to say the one thing that has helped me the most is finding and following my inner compass. That voice inside reminding me to take 5 minutes out, or helping my brain work through the challenges to keep going. 

Going by many other names your Inner Compass is your guiding voice. The one which sends signals when information resonates or doesn’t. The one that lets you know when you are going off courses, or helps you find your way back. We have all met our inner compass, been guided by it and on the flip side experienced life when we haven’t followed it, yet many of us still are learning how to listen to it when it’s guiding us, so today I want to give you my top 3 Tips to finding your inner compass. 

1) Reflection

Probably everyone’s least favourite, yet one of the more effective tehcniquies involves reflection exercises. No one specific exercise, but rather the act of reviewing memories. The reason for this technique is by reviewing past experiences where you have had a positive or not so positive outcome enables you to ask yourself… did you follow your inner compass at the time? Did you make an effort to be guided by your own being, or in the situation did you allow external information to guide you?

You want to take notice of the extremes. The experiences where you can identify that you followed your inner compass, and those where you did not. In the circumstances where you did not have a positive outcome, be seriously with yourself, did you follow your path? In the circumstances where you had a positive outcomes, can you identify how you listened to your inner guide? Can you identify those aspects which enabled it to be successful.

In some respects these reflection exercises are a way of introductions your human aspects to your soul aspects and working out what it looks like when they work in harmony. 

2) Meditation

Probably the most well known technique. Meditation allows you to go within to met yourself. It’s pretty much as simple as that. The trick itself isn’t with the act of meditating but actually listening to the answers when they present themselves. Meditation provides your inner compass with a Platform to be heard. 

Through meditation you can begin to get to know your inner compass, how it sounds feels and identifies itself. How it communicates with you on a daily basis, and how it guides you on your journey. 

3) Acknowledge

Really, this should have been the first tip, but hey we are here now. One of the best ways to get to know your inner compass is to acknowledge its existence. Crazy idea I know, but very effective in the grand scheme of things.

How you acknowledge that your inner compass exists is up to you. It doesnt have to be some grand statement or ritual (it can be if that’s your thing), what is important is your acknowledgement that your inner compass is part of you. Your compass helps to guide you when needed, and provides you with so much feedback. The trick is learning to listen to it, learning to focus on your self, and acknowledge that this part of you exists and is worth understanding. 

Acknowledge that you are human and soul, neither exclusive from the other. 

So as you head into the holiday season focus on within to begin to understand without. 


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