Finding Joy in the Small Things

Today is the day after Christmas. I am sitting on my deck outside listening to the traffic pass me by, the birds chirping away to each other enjoying the sunshine. It’s moments like these that I think I am most at peace. The only thing that can add to this Peace at the moment would be hearing the laughter of my wee girl, who is currently in bed having her afternoon nap.

It made me to stop and think, that with the hustle and bustle that is Christmas, the chaos, the planning and the running a major to – do list that sometimes, the best moments are the ones following. When everything is said and done and you get to breath a big sigh, and actually relax. 

It’s crucial to enjoy the small things. To take notice of the smaller moments that fill your heart with joy, and calm your soul. So in this spirit, I decided today’s post should be about finding joy in the small things. Remembering to stop and smell the roses so to speak and avoid being lost in the chaos that is modern day living. So below, are my top 3 tips for Finding Joy in the Small Things.

1) Celebrating success.

Especially over the Christmas season I see many people running themselves raggard. Once the day is over and done with the return to their normal routine, but generally that normal routine also has them running around raggard. The result? One very tired and burnt out person. So how do you avoid that? Well in my view it’s about making yourself a priority in your own world, and allowing yourself to truly celebrate success. Often that means taking a break. Sitting back and reflecting on your success, acknowledging the work and effort to achieve it and giving yourself a big pat on the back. It might seem like something so small, but within that moment of celebrating success, you can truly appreciate the skills you have that contributed to it. You can find joy in the details that you achieved to ensure a positive outcome. You can be proud of your efforts and truly just celebrate your accomplishments. Be it 5 minutes outside in the fresh air, or a reflective meditative state, anyway of celebrating your success encourages and emphasizes the importance of finding joy. 

2) Don’t look to hard.

When I first started on my spiritual journey I overthought everything. Every little detail had to mean something. The bird chirping the random white feather which crossed my path. I ended up to caught up in what I wanted it all too mean, that I missed some pretty important messages. Everyday we can be grateful for something. Be it big or small, individual and a team effort, gratitude comes in all shapes and sizes, but when you have to force yourself to look for it, when you put too much pressure on yourself to find happiness in the little things, that is often when happiness begins to elude you. The key is to be grateful for that which you are grateful for, not pretend to have gratitude when it isn’t there. When your intent doesnt match the words you are saying, you begin to feel off balance, so take your time. It will come and in my experience it is often when I am just sitting on my own thinking about the day. I begin to remember the things that made my day amazing, and then it flows from there. Trust your own process, don’t expect everyday to be perfect, just allow each experience to present itself, and be grateful for the lessons you learn and what you experience, allow yourself to be. The rest will follow. 

3) Allow yourself to be happy. 

Now this is a hard one for many, especially those people who are highly attuned to those around them. You are allowed to be happy. You are allowed to feel joy, and you are allowed to find happiness even in an unhappy situation. That doesnt mean you want that situation to repeat itself, but it means you have found a glimmer of hope within a negative situation. It is that glimmer that will bring more positivity into your life. It is that glimmer that allows you to be appreciative for the lessons learnt. It is that glimmer that allows you to grow and get to know yourself even more. Allowance is key for happiness, I mean sure you sit there and say oh I am happy because this happened, or I am happy for that reason, but if you don’t allow yourself to FEEL it, then really to an extent it is all lip service. Don’t be scared of being happy. 

So there you have it, my top 3 tips for finding joy in the small things. Take your time loves, for happiness can seem elusive, but when you allow yourself to feel it, to experience it, then happiness can be found in the bloom of a flower through to the shooting stars in the sky and everything in between and beyond…

What tips do you have to encourage and find joy in the small things? Share your comments down below, I would love to hear what you think.

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