Releasing Negative Thoughts – Acknowledging

As the New Year comes in, and we settle into the rhythm which it brings, it seems appropriate to continue on the journey I started in my last post for 2016. If you havent read it yet you can find it here

Releasing Negative Thoughts – this is not something which is easy to discuss or really put into words, but it is so important that things which no longer serve you are released. As I mentioned in my previous post there are many techniques that can help a person to release something, but I wanted to take a look at a few specific techniques over the course of a few different posts to highlight those which I have found particularly useful. 


A word that to me is incredibly scary. When you acknowledge that something no longer serves you, you have two choices. You can decide to continue allowing that thing to remain in your reality, continue to allow it to feed off your energy and pull your further into the black hole, or you can do do something about it. Both outcomes require a lot of strength, but for clearly different reasons. 

I know in my own situation, while I acknowledge completely that I was holding onto energy and emotion that was no longer good for me, the thought of releasing it scared me to death. What if I found out that all the shortfalls were actually internal? What if all the blame was shifted to me? It took me a long time to accept that while I create my reality, it is often through negative manifestation that different situations occur, that doesnt make me a bad person, it doesnt make me incompetent, nor does it make me useless. What it does make me however is stubborn and stuck. To stubborn to focus on positive outcomes, and allow manifestation to work in a positive direction, and too stuck to see any other way out. Holding onto something, be it negative or positive can be a weird sort of comforter. You know how it works and what to expect, and well long waffley story short, you get used to it, and the idea of letting it go is, well, somewhat horrifying. You begin to lose yourself in the misery and wonder who you are with out it. 

When I had finally had enough beating myself up was when I went to the second outcome of acknowledgement, doing something about it. It wasn’t an overnight process and some days I find myself back at being that 21 year old girl, scared to stand up for herself, scared to find and use her voice. But acknowleding that enough was enough was incredibly powerful for me. Now you may wonder if it was like a switch, that one day I said to myself I acknowledge that this is not my own issue? Well, unfortunately not exactly, but even a few years later I remember the moment. It was while I was pregnant, when I was wondering what my next step was post baby, career wise, what would I focus on, what were my options. Being faced with such a drastic life change will often cause you to reflect in a more honest way, particularly when the outcome could affect the life of someone else. It was a random moment of clarity, when I realised what was holding me back was me, and what would I want my daughter to experience if she was in my position. How could I encourage her to face her fears when I was running from mine? It was time to move forward and I finally acknowledged that to do so required me to leave behind some pain and fear I was holding onto tightly. 

Some go into meditative or reflective spaces to do this type of work. Others do it over coffee or wines with friends and loved ones, some like myself, have the moment of clairty we were desperately seeking. Either way, whatever your method, if the outcome is acknowledgement then you are on the right track. Acknowledgment comes in all shapes and sizes and regardless of your circumstances, if negative thoughts are on repeat, then there is no time like the new year to release and move forward, to reach your potential and be the best that you can be. 

I think that is enough from me about acknowledgement today. With many ways to help you acknowledge what is and isn’t yours, Zoetic Dawn can help with some reflective exercises designed to push you to reach your potential, but release those fears which are holding you back. If you are interested, please get in touch and book your free discovery email/phone call today. 

With Love

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