Releasing Negative Thoughts – Releasing

Releasing negative thoughts is by far a process – and an intense one at that. By no means is it a simple step by step plan of attack, but rather a rollercoaster of emotions, of reflection. Some days you will accept, other days you will find yourself back in denial of a negative thought ever existing.

I know that’s how it was for me. Some days I was angry, other days I found happiness came a little easier. These ebbs and flows are part of the journey. Each step allowing us to grow, to develop a stronger sense of self, and a strong awareness of our attitude, our strengths and our points of difference.

Yes, it is hard work some days, but one day the average day gets a little easier. Essentially this process will result in releasing the negative thoughts, allowing them to dissolve where only the learnings remain.

See the way I see it, releasing negative thoughts isn’t about never thinking about it again, but the feeling of hate, pain, disappointment etc no longer being the driving force behind the thought. The thought itself no longer becomes a trigger for the negativity to feed. Those feelings of negativity are replaced by true acceptance, and maybe, just maybe gratitude for the lesson they brought…

But the question remains, how do we get to this point of bliss? How do we release the thought into the ether never to bother us again? Well, when you work it out will you let me know? Each process is different from person to person and from situation to situation. Some will require you to do a lot of work within, understanding your reactions to the situation from a soul level to enable you to move forward. Other situations will require you to forgive, others and yourself for the injustices that may or may not have taken place. Some maybe simply releasing a moment of embarrassment from when you were a teenager.

It isn’t important how you release them, but that you understand the purpose of releasing them. As I said before, releasing negative thoughts is not about never thinking that thought again, it is about ensuring that the thought itself doesn’t have a snowball trigger effect creating chaos wherever it rolls. It is acknowledging the event happened, and accepting the lessons from it. It isn’t the thought you need to release: it is the emotion attached to it.

Once you learn to release that emotion, and look at the situation from a different perspective, you may just find the emotion washes away. Allowing you to truly see it, and that my dears is releasing the negative thought. That is no longer allowing it to dictate your happiness. That is letting go.




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