Releasing Negative Thoughts – Moving On

Hi Loves!

So now that you have been doing all this amazing work to release the negative thoughts surrounding you, it can be a very surreal moment. In fact, it is this moment that stops so many people from finally releasing the thoughts.

When you have experienced negative thoughts for a large proportion of your day, for an extended period of time they have this really nasty habit. You see, they become like old friends, or an old relative who is the queen of the back-handed compliment (you know the “compliment” that leaves you wondering if you were hugged or slapped), you worry that you will miss them when they are gone. You wonder what your life will be like without it, you worry that the thoughts you just released will be replaced with their older and meaner friends.

When negativity becomes the new normal, when the rhythm that you settle into is one designed around negative thoughts, the idea that your normal will become abnormal can be scary. Trust me, I get it!

I held onto the thoughts about myself for the longest time, because if I released them, then I would have no reason not to chase the things that I became petrified of. I was scared that who I was, would change. I was scared that I would no longer have a bunch of insecurities to hide behind, and that maybe the true me would come to the forefront.

Loves, I am here to tell you I was wrong. Letting go of the thoughts did change me. For the better. My perspective of the world was altered, not loner surrounded by the negativity, no longer surrounded by shadows of doubt and insecurities.

Most importantly, I began to see my true self, on my true path, and once I saw that I couldn’t look away.

So today’s blog is all about moving on. I feel like for the past few blogs I have been sharing my story, more than giving you tips and tools to use in this situation. I do hope that my story at least sparks a desire to drop whatever it is for you that is holding you back… (I may even write a guided meditation – let me know if that is something you would like in the comments), so I want to end today with one actionable tip that hopefully supports you move on.

Moving On Activity

To me, moving on generally brings up a lot of fears. Fears about what your new normal will look like. Fears about your new environment and the new challenges that it may bring. Today’s activity is to review these changes, but not in the traditional strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities way (don’t get me wrong, I love a good SWOT analysis).

Today I want you to take the image below (or create your own mind map/journal/paint):

In the Centre of the Star I want you to write what it is that makes you, you. In one or two words, what is your trait that makes you unique, something you are proud of, something that enables you to live a successful life… based on your current situation (negativity and all)!

In the Circles surrounding the star, write down all of the additional traits that stem from the star. If you are compassionate, then you may put empathetic, good listener etc.

Now I want you to take 5 minutes and sit with these words. Imagine what your life may look like when you move forward, when you release the negativity which surrounds you at the moment.

I want you to cross out any traits that will no longer be there when you move on. What traits will disappear because you have released the negative thoughts.

Down the bottom you will see 3 rectangle shapes – I want you to write down a trait, an opportunity and anything you wish, that has the possibility to happen when you have released the negative thoughts. What great things may happen when you move on? What new opportunities will arise when you are walking an authentic path?

Finally, I want you to look at those 3 things. Ask youself this…

What do those three things mean to you?

How important are they to your journey?

How badly do you want them to happen?

Can you taste/see/hear/feel/touch them?

Can you feel the pride and gratitude that you will experience when you achieve the,?



Will they happen if you continue to let the negative thoughts control your reality?

Who’s story do you want to live in?

The choice is yours…




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