Releasing Negative Thoughts – Celebrate Your Success

Hi Loves

So, it’s been a few blog posts since my little theme of releasing negative thoughts was first posted, and I am hoping that you have found some value within my words. Maybe even a kick in the behind to starting putting you first, to make your happiness and your truth a priority. 

The truth is even when those thoughts are released, from time to time they may still attempt to creep back in. It’s those times you need to use the strength you had when releasing them, to celebrate your success. 

Yes, when you have first kicked those thoughts to the curb by all means celebrate. Celebrate that you have taken control over your story. Celebrate that you are no longer allowing those thoughts to take hold in your heart, your mind, your soul. Celebrate and yell it from the roof tops that you are whole, and authentic and true.  

But don’t forget to celebrate the smaller wins as well. Part of walking an authentic life, is be unapologetically you. It’s saying yes, I am me, and I have these strengths. These strengths benefit the universe in these ways (because believe me your strengths do benefit the universe), and I will never apologise for walking my truth. My truth raises others up, it does not tear others down, my truth raises myself up, it will never tear me down. 

In those smaller moments, when you have that split second almost back negative thought, when you push it away, when you remember just how amazing you are and how amazing your new normal is, celebrate that. Celebrate that you have achieved a beautiful normal, a normal which allows you to flourish and grow free from the burdens of the past. Celebrate that in your moment you are able to provide guidance others, that you can help and empower others, that you have something to offer.

Celebrate that the negativity didn’t win out in the end. Celebrate your strength, celebrate you.

So today’s blog is short and sweet, but I have a challenge for you. 

When you are able to look at your life, and know that you are unapologetically authentically you. How will you celebrate? What will that moment feel like? How will you keep that moment?

Go out and celebrate loves, form the small to the big wins, simply making your way and reading through these blogs is a step to releasing everything, and that my dears is a win. 


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