Importance of finding self…

Over the last few weeks I have been sharing different thoughts on Releasing Negative Thoughts. These words, flew from my mind onto the screen, but more than that, these words were therapeutic for my own sense of self. I obviously hoped that some value was imparted from me to you, some food for thought, something to ponder. But I now realise releasing all the negative thoughts in the world, will not have a huge impact unless you are doing it for the right reason.

What is that reason? Well to work that you need to find your self. 

Over the next few posts I will be discussing ways of “finding self”. Different startegies, thoughts and methodologies that have worked not only for myself but for others around me also. So to start this new series off, today I want to cover the top 3 reasons it is important to find yourself. 

1) Sense of Being

We all tend to react in different situations a certain way depending on our being. From happy moments, through to the less positive ones, when you begin to reflect on previous experiences, often our responses are very similar throughout. Some of these reactions are positive, they allow us to grow, to develop and to understand our sense of purpose. Other responses are more fear based, and negative, creating a wider issue in a given situation. These patterns not only repeat if we do not learn the lessons as appropriate, but create further situations for us to react in. 

The key here, to shifting from a reactionary way of being to a proactive way is to know oneself. 

It isn’t an easy task to do, but beginning to understand self, our way of being, our sense of being, we begin to understand our response mechanisms, we begin to move forward embracing opportunity and shutting down negativity much sooner than when we block our true self from the journey. 

2) Sense of Purpose

The aged old question – what am I here for? This question never leaves us, as we find one clue on our journey, we continue to ask more questions. That’s our nature right? Humans are meant to be naturally curious, naturally inquisitive. 

You know what makes this process easier? You guessed it. Going within and knowing self. 

Now it’s not that you are going to start talking to yourself and provide yourself with all the answers, but what will happen is you will start to feel it. Your body will start to react when you are walking on the correct path, and will react when you are not. 

You sense of purpose will grow as you begin to understand some of the Why’s that have been placed in front of you, you being to develop a strong inner compass allowing you to navigate the waters of life in a way that provides more opportunity for alignment with your soul. 

3) Inner Guidance

The reality is the best person to captain your vessel, to enable you to navigate life is, well, you. 

Your soul knows your journey, heck your soul agreed to your journey, the person who doesn’t know this, is your ego mind. The mind that stops you from pursuing your dream because it tells you, you can’t do it. The mind that puts barriers in the way to success because it forces you to experience more. Your mind that becomes more about the brain and less about the heart. 

This is where knowing yourself steps into play. Knowing yourself allows you to develop strategies to stop the ego from taking over. Knowing yourself allows your inner compass to do its job and guide you to the path which best serves you. Your soul doesn’t want pain and heart ache. Your soul wants you to be on the path that is for your highest good, nothing more, nothing less.

Knowing yourself, allows you to understand how your inner compass works, how it sends messages and how you recieve them in a human context. Think of the places you will go once you learn to follow it!

So that’s it really. My top 3 reasons to find your self. 

May the next few blogs help where help is needed.

Love and Light

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