Finding Self – Creativity

Hi Loves!

To get the ball rolling today I am going to launch into one of my favourite techniques for finding my baseline. 

To me, my baseline is my balanced point. Where the ego and the soul are working together for my highest good. Where my energy is totally vibing and I am completely at ease! Sounds like bliss doesn’t it! 

Well, let me tell you over the last 18 months or so it hasn’t been easy. It has been challenging to put myself first, to go within to work out what I need. I normally use the excuse that I am too busy, or I am too this, that and the other thing. Which is why I wanted to start off with something that I can use regardless of the excuse I come up with at the time. 


Get out and do something creative. Something unplanned, something beautifully you, that even you will find it hard to resist a smile at the end of it.

Now, sometimes if someone asks me if I draw the answer is no. Other times I will say yes. Because the way I see it, is that really, I don’t draw. I create. So if I am in a creative moment then yeah sure I draw, but if I am not in the zone what so ever I end up deflecting the question… and probably sulking that I am not creating lol!

Let’s clear up one thing before I continue. Creativity doesn’t mean art. It means allowing your mind to take over, to explore different aspects of self, to create something. Sometimes for me its writing, other times its doodling, music, anything where I am creating. 

So, using creating as a tool to find self…

I use creation as a way to find myself mostly in two formats. 1) to ground, and 2) to explore.

Let’s start with grounding shall we – we have all had those days where we just aren’t feeling it. You know, the elusive “it” of brilliant myths. We feel overwhelmed, stressed out, and like we need a giant ass sleep. This is when I know I NEED to create. It brings a sense of accomplishment. My creations range from origami to full blown time tables colour coded and pretty. Yes yes, I know its a bit geeky but I love it! At the end I can stand back and say, hey, I made that! The thing is, even before my spiritual awakening this is something I did. 

I didn’t do it for the finished product as such, I did it to slow the hell down and stop, and once I was in the zone then I was all good to continue about my day. Even those days where I was too busy for anything… making a timetable from scratch, looking at a new problem in a new way, searching for innovative ways of preparing information are all forms of creation. So even when I couldn’t find the time for myself, I could always find the time to create.

The end result was a much calmer and happier Jaime, one with a more concrete picture of the situation in my mind, and importantly at the time a way to move forward. 

The second reason I create is to explore. Exploring is so much fun! From colours, textures, methods, depending on my mood, depends on the outcome and focus but creating to explore my self is hugely therapeutic to me. 

Music on, and method in hand, by the end of the experience, I am grounded but also more aware of self. When writing music lyrics, something of my situation winds up there. Even with these blogs, part of my own personal focus comes out at the time. Readings for self or exploring again provide opportunities for me to get creative with myself. 

So, I guess the thing you want is a technique right lol. So over the next two days I present you with the following challenge.

Today and tomorrow I want you to create something. One day for the purpose of grounding, the other for the purpose of exploring. In particular I want you to focus on two things: the cumulative effect of the act of creating, how do you feel emotionally, mentally and physically and secondly, self. What did you learn about yourself? Share your responses down below, I would love to know how it goes. 

Remember don’t put too much pressure on yourself here, creation should be fun, exploring in a fun way, going within and vibing high. 

Keep your intent pure and free from stress, and let the creation occur. 

Let me know how it goes!

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