Finding Self – Meditation

Hi Loves,

Over the last few posts I have been writing about the importance of finding self, along with some tips I have personally used to revaluate the relationship I have with myself.

This type of work is always eye-opening but so important in the big picture of things. This worlds is much easier to navigate once you acknowledge the relationship between human and soul, not only the importance of this relationship, but the way this relationship impacts on your day to day experiences. 

We all want to belong right? I mean, somewhere along the lines we all have the innate need to feel as thought we belong to something bigger than ourself. What, if I told you that this feeling could be found by getting to know oneself. See the way I see it, is that our soul is connected to something much larger. Something that goes by many names, yet the concept is the same, that at a soul level we are all connected. We all have access to a wealth of information through this connection, and we all have the ability to connect through our human experience into our soul awareness.

This is something I am really passionate about actually because I believe awareness into the spiritual exsistence is not a gift, but a choice. Once upon a time being able to connect with others was something the “elite” could do, then fear snuck into the picture and it became something else. Over the last few years however I have noticed a shift away from the evilness of spirit into the openness of possibilities… but really that is an entirely different post! 

The reason I mention it now however is more to do with knowing self. To truly know yourself, you must acknowledge and accept the soul that is you. Your human experience is made up of multiple different sources of information, all coming together to support your soul on it’s journey. This connection between human and soul is important, for it is this connection that allows you to really walk your true path. 

Anyway – one of the ways I got to know myself was through meditation. I like to call our soul or at least one aspect of it, our inner compass, and in the beginning I started to identify this inner compass through meditation. I would imagine it, listen to it, touch it, feel it, just be with it. Eventually over time I began to learn it’s ways. The way it would respond when someone lied to me, the joy and high vibration which would radiate off it when I read something that resonated with me. The way it would “shimmy” when I read information which did not align with me. Through these interactions and my time in meditation I began to understand how my inner compass worked with my body to guide me daily. 

The more time I spent understanding this connection, the more I started to see connections with past experiences. I began to understand that in situations in the past where the outcome was less than desireable I had turned away from my inner compass. I began to see moments of true happiness, were those I was guided to by a high vibration from within, radiating from my inner compass. I began to understand that my happiness was entirely up to me, and I could choose to follow my path, or turn my back on it. Let me tell you this little revelation of mine was horrifying! I had nowhere to run, no one else to blame from that moment on but self, it was in that moment I understood, that even when something negative happened directly to me, I still had two choices. To wallow, or to move forward, and once I moved past my fear and accepted my responsibility to create my own reality, I have never looked back. 

A lot of this journey came in the form of meditation. Now I am not going to review “meditation”, apps or specific meditations. Nor am I going to recommend any guided meditations, tell you how often or even how to do it. To me, meditation isn’t a thing you do, its a state of being. 

Meditation is where you allow your body to rest and your mind to meet your soul. Where the barriers drop down and you can really experience this reality as a soul, rather than through the distorted view of your human lense. This is where you take the power to get to know self. So you may prefer to go through guided meditations, you may prefer to enter a sleep state, or to sit upright with your hands in your lap chanting “Om”. It doesn’t matter how, what, when or where, what matters is your intent. Your reason for meditating at that time. 

Before I was really committed to my spiritual journey, I used to “meditate, I would sit there with my mind going round and round in circles, getting madder and madder because I was still thinking. I shouldn’t be thinking. I should be in this weird state of no thoughts right? Eventually I worked out that that style of meditation was never going to work for me. Sure it might work for Sally down the road, but it was never going to work for me, so I realised my meditation become more a state of being. I would now focus on raising my vibration to a state of peace, with no expectations. If my mind wandered, it needed to and it would find what it was looking for. 

It is through this state of being that I stumbled across my inner compass in the first place. So what I thought I would do, is detail below a few points that helped me to identify my inner compass, and get to know myself through this meditation process, but remember that this whole process has to be guided by you, what you want, and your intent. From there, the path should appear before you – but if it doesn’t, then maybe it’s time to let your mind wander…

1) Set Your Intent: What do you want out of this meditative state? What are you looking for and why? How does your body response to this question? 

2) What does your compass look like?

3) What does it feel like? 

4) What does it sound like?

5) Once you have met it, get to know it, what does it do when you do something negative/positive/tell the truth/lie? What does your body do when you do these things?

6) Can you remember times when you felt these bodily reactions? Did you follow your own guidance?

These are just some of the questions you can ask yourself in a meditative state, remember the purpose is generally to know self, so there are no right or wrong answers, only experience and perspectives. 

Yet, through this process I was empowered to gain clarity, to gain insight and knowledge. 
Finding self will only be as effective as your intent is, so sit with it for awhile, your soul isn’t going anywhere, focus within and find the answers you seek. Your inner compass provides another tool to empower you to do so.

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