Finding Self – Inspiration 

From creativity through to meditation, there are many ways to find yourself. 

I mean, at the end of the day, isn’t that what so many self-help books, blogs and podcasts are about? Finding the answers from within (sounds like a tag line I know 😉 ), using meditation and your own strength to overcome any obstacle that comes your way. 

And normally, I would be all over those sorts of quotes. But frankly, I want to discuss something a little different, and I want to discuss it in a little less formal manner, so on that note if bad language or random tangents offend you… perhaps its time to stop reading (but do come back, I will be back to my normal self soon hahaha).

Look the reality is that finding self is a challenge. More than that, it is bloody hard work. End of. 

It can challenge you, it can push you to the limit and it can down right piss you off. Facing some demons, weaknesses whatever you want to call them, to get to that beautiful soul waiting inside can be bloody tough. It can be daunting and its damn easier to sit in ignorance pretending everything is fine.

But what fun is that? 

So rather than focusing on why finding self is important, I want to talk about finding inspiration along the way. 

We all need to be inspired from time to time. We need a why to our action, a reason to keep pushing through the bullshit, to keep pushing past the years of issues we have ended up with from not being true to ourself right? 

We need to find the thing that lights our damn fire, and we need to stop apologising for chasing what makes us happy. 

We need to top living for others, and live for our highest good. Because living as our highest good, is what is good for others.

We need to take charge of our reality and claim loudly and proudly who we are, and what we want knowing that the two are in perfect alignment, in perfect balance, that we just radiate fricken awesomeness right! How amazing does that sound?

Go out into the world and look for the spark! Play in a park, drink coffee, sit on a beach, sing at the top of your lungs… find the thing that makes your heart smile. 

Once your heart and soul are grinning from ear to ear, then ask yourself… what the hell do I want? 

When your soul is happy it won’t lie to you, your ego mind won’t get in the way and tell you what you want to hear. 

You won’t get the stereotypical responses… climbing the corporate ladder, the white picket fence… those dreams are great, but are they yours? Are you ready to let go of society expectations on what you should do, to follow your own compass? To march to the beat of your own drum and to drum so damn loud that the universe stops and takes notice! 

That my dear is how you get what you want. You want what your soul wants. You balance, you align and you go after your dreams!

So today, make your soul smile… just see how that feels, and then tell me you don’t want that feeling every day?

Go out and chase your dreams, find your dreams, but 2017 is the year to stand up and be seen! 2017 is your time to have a smiling soul every damn day! 

Go find your spark.

Set fire to your soul so it continues to burn brightly calling all things for your highest good to you! 

Do it!

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