Finding Self – Why

Hi loves

Today I am in a motel room (it’s quite late at night) enjoying time with friends celebrating my birthday.

As the quiet sets in and I begin to miss my girl and hubby I thought I would put pen to paper and share some more thoughts.
And while I am now away relaxing, today the 9-5 took it out of me. I had an honest discussion with a colleague about my situation and it included some things that  were hard to hear. 

But they were necessary to hear.

The messages were not meant to be hurtful but they were an honest assessment of my business life.

It got me thinking about how I have been rambling on for the last little bit about finding self, but I haven’t focused on the why and also I haven’t addressed preparing for it.

Many of us have a reason we are seeking answers from within – but have you ever asked yourself why. Why do you want to develop this knowledge? Do you know what your intent is? Why is it that in this life, this moment, you desire to tap into the inner knowledge from within?

This question is not designed to question your intent. But the truth is when you break it down to your core motivation, it can aid you in finding tools that resonate with you, rather than searching every method under the sun. It can also empower you to take the next step because you, at a human level, understand the relevance to you, on a soul level.

For me the journey within starts from a desire to understand my current journey. For years I moved back and forth within the realm of spirituality and I think I have found my niche with Zoetic Dawn.

I found my why.

I want to help others find their why. How can I do that if I dont not only know, but fully understand my own why. 

At this point in time my why centres around my desire to balance my human and my spiritual into a blended self. I am spiritual. I am also human, and for years that disconnect remained strong as I would ignore one in favour for the other and then flip that on its head again. So my why is about balance.

We all have our why, and I am not here to tell anyone that why A is better than why B, because your why can change. Rather I am here to ask you one question around it.

Does it align with your human and your soul? Does your why resonate with your journey at this point in time? Does your why provide motivation for your highest good?

Today I want you to go into a bit of a meditative space, not necessary guided but rather spend time within, and ask “why”. When you get your response, whatever form that takes sit with it awhile. Get to know it. 

And ask yourself if it resonates with you. Right in this moment…

If it doesn’t guess what? That’s okay too.
Take your time with this one! Once you find it, you find your why, the motivation to keep going, to grow, to develop and to manifest greatness will come…

There is a reason toddlers ask why. They want to understand. They want to make connections between their knowledge and the world. 

Why should we be any different?


One thought on “Finding Self – Why

  1. A nose that is Māori says:

    “I want to help others find their why. How can I do that if I dont not only know, but fully understand my own why.” Powerful kōrero. Wise kōrero. This is the time like no other before, where the journey within is THE most important mission humanity has Ever seen. Hold fast your focus. Buckle up and keep allowing yourself to peel back the layers. Believe that you will not loose anything that wasn’t already there and meant for you.

    From my heart to yours – with respect to your journey.


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