Intermission from Finding Self

Hi Loves,
If you haver been following my blogs lately you may have noticed that there is a theme going at the moment around Finding self.
That is until the past week hit and I only posted one thing on this site, followed by maybe two things on Facebook. This week has been horrendous. 

Just, in every way, horrendous. So I decided to start this week being a wee bit kinder to myself. So below is a random open letter to myself, myself of the last week. 

Just chill. Stop being so hard on yourself. Stop thinking that everything that has gone wrong this week is because of you and you alone. Honey, you know better than that.

I totally understand that right this second that last week was horrible. That there were more lows, than highs, and that for the first time, you really questioned what needed to be done in order to return your sense of balance.

Well this week, I want to remind you how far you have come. 

That 12 month ago, acknowledging that you need balance would have been so foreign you would have kept struggling alone. 

I mean hell, 6 months ago you would have been angry and holding it all in your body. 

But now, while yeah, last week was shit, think about how far you have come. 

You are stronger, you are kind, you are not a victium of your circumstance but someone who takes control of your reality.

You are worthy of happiness, you are worthy of abundance, and that tiny little voice in your head is lying whenever it tells you something contrary to this!

And you know it!

You have heard this message before, in fact you are the queen of empowering others to see it in themselves. Well time you buck up sunshine and take your own advice. 

So before you go into next week worried that it brings the same chaos, remember, you are not the same.

You are not your circumstances, but you can change your reality…

Are you ready?

Because, let me tell you, you are!



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