Finding Self – Embracing Fear

After a wee hiatus last week I am back and kicking, and as passionate as ever! So here I am ready to continue the journey of finding self, and well quite frankly the last week got me thinking, 

Thinking about how damn scary it can be to face self. To own up to mistakes, to embrace success and to acknowledge that the ego we have hidden behind doesn’t really exsist. 

Now, I am painting such a pretty picture aren’t I, but the truth is, if we can embrace this fear we can use it as well. We can use the fear of self to catapult ourselves through the journey to the true centre of self, where fear no longer drives us, and we can see the bigger picture and all the beauty that is to be embraced.

But, it is so much easier said than done right.

Here I am, sitting at my desk saying “oh sure, just dont be scared, let it go, move on, cliche after cliche”. So instead I want to give you the top 3 things I have learnt you can do when you embrace your fear. When you not only acknowledge that perhaps it is your fear that holds you back, but when it becomes your motivation for success. 

1. Embracing fear is more than acknowledging it, and when you embrace it you take your power back.

When we allow our fears to control what we do and dont do, we begin to miss out on opportunities as they present themselves. We concern ourselves too much with the future, and worry about the maybes. When you begin to embrace your fear you take your reality back. You realise you hold the power of success within, and using that power to create the reality you want becomes more feasible. When you take your power back, you take a step closer to acknowledging your truth, your passion, and you are one step closer to working with your inner compass, allowing it to be powered by your truth. 

2. You begin to live in the now.

As I said above, when you live in fear you live in the future. You worry to much about what if’s that your fear stops you from moving forward. You live to much in the future, you forget about your now moments. When you begin to embrace the fear as a tool to learn and grow, you begin to live in the now. You stop worrying about what is around the corner, and actually being to enjoy the moments as they come, as a participant, rather than an observer. 

3. You are ready to move forward.

It’s crazy just how much fear can hold us back, and we dont even really notice just how much until we break free. Fear stops up from pursuing our dreams. Fear can even stop us from dreaming, because we end up scared of not succeeding , but if we dont try, we dont fail. 

Fear can drive you forward, with determination to move past the fear, to grow and develop beyond it, and to full embrace your reality. 

More than that, embracing your fear enables you to realise what you can do. To accept and use the power from within. To full understand self, and use your soul self, to support, to embrace, to ecnourage and to experience your human self.

Talk about a win-win.

So are you ready to embrace the fear? 

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