Finding self – lost again…

Over the last few weeks, I have been writing a lot about finding self. Different stages, some techniques, a range of topics have run through my mind.
As a new week dawns, I now find myself at a crossroads, and it struck me as to why I was struggling with this weeks content. Finding your self is not a one path fits all package. We don’t simply walk through the stages at the same time, same pace, same outcomes. 
So I wanted to write a few words around, losing yourself once you find yourself again. 
Many of you may know what I am talking about. You finally, after years or months of hiding, begin to find yourself. You begin to view your past through a different lens, a different perspective. You begin to plan your future with your highest good in mind, knowing that your perceived highest good is now more in alignment with what your highest good actually is. 
And then, you take 10 steps back. Life gets in the way, and the balance you have before now seems more and more elusive with each decision. You can’t seem to find 5 minutes to get a break, to collect your thoughts, too even breath in your own pace. 
It’s an odd sensation. To have found yourself and then to lose it. To know what it’s like to be balanced, to have hope, to maintain a high vibration that serves you, only to have it crumble the very next day.
Well today’s post is all about keeping hope when you lose your way. My top 3 tips to stay balanced, when balance has left.
1. acknowledge the difference
We all feel completely different when we are in alignment to when we are not. Often in my case it is not until I am so far out of balance that I am in a different area code that I realise. Why do you think that is?
I have this theory that the fight or flight mode of the soul kicks in. In an effort to protect you for your highest good, your mind and body take over. They work to get the job done, and when the pressure releases they too release. It would be great in theory, but given that it effectively cuts you from yourself, there has to be a better way!
So next time, acknowledge it. Even if it’s a small “yep heading into a tough time, shield up” in your head, the jolt back into reality won’t seem quite so harsh.
2. Don’t hold it against yourself
The worst thing I do when I feel disconnected is self hate. You may know the feeling. 
I know I know better right?

Why can’t I drop it?

Why can’t I connect?

Why can’t I? 
These and many other phrases often run through my mind. I know what balance feels like and it’s damn amazing… so why do I let it go?
And then the cycle begins again, and I end up a puddle on the floor. 
I know, it’s easier said than done. But remember you are worthy, and this is not your fault.
One day you may start to believe me 😉
3. Finally, celebrate!
When you begin to find your groove again if only for a spilt second celebrate it!
When you stop to smile or watch a sunset or connect with your soul…. celebrate it.
Coming back is so much easier when your body remembers as well.
So go forth out into the beautiful world. You may not always feel 100% and that’s okay, what’s important is you allow your heart to heal your head to heal your soul… for it will come…

One thought on “Finding self – lost again…

  1. A nose that is Māori says:

    There you are. Right there in this powerful powerful piece of writing – Boom! This is who you are. Courteous. Mindful. Vulnerable. Available to yourself. Appreciative. Reflective. Grounded. Amazing. Proactive. Powerful. Searching. Questioning. I could go on for a bit longer however I also don’t want to add ’embarrassed’ to the list *smiles.

    YOU.ARE.ok. – Remember this. Especially when there is my weights worth of people on your back wanting you to believe something quite different. I’m blowing wind to your wings. You create amazing flight paths for others to follow if they resonate – and I have felt very fortunate to have connected with your wisdoms in my own times of need. You know your flight path and sometimes all of us need a bit of gentle wind blown to our tattered wings to assist us. Like the flock of Geese and how they take care of each other through their amazing journeys each year. When you find your flock – when anyone, finds their flock to fly with, you allow them to support you by taking the lead if only for a short time while you recover. There is no “head position” in the flock – just a group of Geese or people, all heading in the same direction, knowing who has their back.

    From my heart to yours – always.


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