Top 3 Tips (speedy version) 

Short and Sweet – 3 Tips to Maintain Balance When You Are Short On Time
Normally I am quite good with words haha – well I know how to make a story last forever. 
So today I wanted to do a quick read for finding balance when you are low on time. My top 3 tips for balance 🙂 short and sweet style.
1. find your mental happy place 

Not necessarily for the short time frame to begin with… but once you have found your mental happy place use it!
For me I the a stroll over a light hill and come across a row of doors. One of which takes me to my perfect room… waterfall and all. 
When I am struggling, I take 5 minutes to go there, sometimes I meditate, sometimes I just hang out, other times I redecorate 😉 
Either way when I leave I feel more like myself than when I walked in. 
2. Get outside

The old school method always works a treat still. 
There’s scientific research showing the way your body responds to being outside. The negative energy generated does something when you feel the grass between your toes (or so I’m told).
So get outside, ground and just be. 30 seconds is better than nothing!
3. Be grateful 

In all of this awesomeness, don’t forget to be grateful. 
Be grateful for a pleasant smell in the air.

Be grateful for the sun on your face.
Be grateful for the small things like they are the big. 
Allow gratitude to come to you as well 🙂
So there you have it! Perhaps the shortest post I have ever written.

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