Finding Your Way …

Recently, there has been a theme running through the majority of Zoetic Dawn posts. The theme of finding self has been evident not only through blog posts, but facebook, twitter and general discussions.

Isn’t that usually the way, you go through a few things, and you realise there is an underlying theme throughout. One that perhaps you weren’t ready to see so it was easier to turn a blind eye.

Well, throughout all of the Finding Self posts, another theme snuck in there without me really even noticing. The theme of finding your way, in essence you could argue that they are one in the same, but today I wanted to focus more on the latter, focus more on the importance of finding your way.

What do I mean by this? I mean in that moment where everything becomes too much, I want you to know that you can still find your way. When you are questioning your latest decision, I want you to know you can still find your way. When you feel alone, isolated and unheard, you can find your way.

This is by no means an easy topic to discuss, and trust me, finding the right words in the right order isn’t easy either. At the end of the day, everyone I know has been there in some point of their life. Questioning their path, their decisions which led them to a crossroads, their situations, we all question it at some point on this journey. It got me to thinking about why. Why do we all have those moments where we doubt our self?

I mean, if we act for our highest good, and that remains the intent for our interactions, then why would be question yourself? Why or more accurately, how did we lose our way in the first place?

So today I am going to give you my top 2 reasons that I know you will find your way… and perhaps this will continue to be our theme for a little while…

1) You will find your way because it is ingrained in us to do so.

Think about it. We are taught to look for the light. When you learn to swim you are taught to head to the surface, to find the right way up and kick.

All stereotypes dealing with positive and negative, elude (if not out right use) to light and dark. To step into the light, to allow the white light and so on.

The thing is it is entirely true. It is ingrained in us to work towards our highest good. Yes we can fight against it when we are not ready to face that aspect of self, but the desire always remains. When you finally realise it is easier to go with your highest good than against it, the tide seems to turn and you can bob along with the current, instead of being carried out to sea.

2) You WANT it…

How do I know you want it? You made your way here. The universe is always providing you with messages, suggestions, nudges here and there to guide you along your way.

Something within you wanted to read this post, to get to these words and absorb their meaning.

To release the way to your highest good is through you, with you and it is you.

You are the map to success, not me, not your family or friends, we are more attractions on the roadside. You are the journey, an amazingly beautiful journey…

Where your destination isn’t important, because it will always be for your highest good. The journey is what matters, you are what matters.




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