Short and Sweet – 3 Actions

Some days you don’t want to read.

Some days you don’t want to deal with philosophical opportunities.

Some days you want action.

So today I give you my top 3 actionable tips to help find you way. Short and Sweet and you can implement these into your day today. Go on – I dare you 😉

1) Meditation I know I know, this is a pretty common one, but there is a reason for it. Thing is, it doesnt need to be a big song and dance. It can be one minute.

Breathe in for 10 seconds, and out for 10 seconds

Or, whatever works for you. Why you may ask? To regroup. You may not realise it, but in the moment you brain takes a break to count. Giving you a much needed break to move forward with a wee bit of a clearer head.

2) Listen to Music… or … Not If you like music find a happy piece which makes your heart smile. If you like silence, find somewhere for 3-5 minutes just to rest.

If you cannot find somewhere quiet enough for you, invest in some ear plugs… honestly you will thank me for it later.

Just do something for a short burst that makes you happy. Be it noise, or quiet, warmth or cold. Surround yourself with happiness… it will realign you to a higher vibration, making moving forward much easier.

3) Do Something towards a goal I love to-do lists for this reason. When I feel like I am in a funk, or rather too much going on and I don’t know where to start, I start with a to-do list.

When I am overwhelmed and can’t find the way up, I do something off that list.

I feel like I have accomplished something, it is actually productive and goal oriented and I get to scribble something off the list. Win-Win-Win.

It can be something big or small, so long as it holds relevance for you the outcome remains the same.


So there you have it (and less than 500 words even!)

My short and sweet top 3 tips to help you find you way.

My last tip – be you – be true – be authentic. No one can do you quite like you can.





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