Beating to the Sound of Your Own Drum…

Some days we have to make tough decisions. We need to listen to the beat of our own drum to get the outcome we want.

Be in monetary, or spiritual, professional or personal, sometimes tough decisions, are tough because we have to go within to find the answer. 

Recently I made the decision to close my secondary blog down. I was struggling to keep up with that one, this one, that thing and the other that it all became a bit overwhelming. 

Then, I got sick.

Now, by sick I mean tummy bug, it was over and done with by 72 hours had passed but for the weekend had knocked me on my butt. Which is a bit unfortunate given that is when I write all of my content. 

It was too hard. My brain didn’t want to work, just along side my body not wanting to work. So I didnt. 

I self Honoured and did what I need to do. And on Saturday I announced that I was closing the My Journey My Eyes blog. 

So here I am, actually excited about the future, about the beauty that surrounds me and about my new focus which is just on Zoetic Dawn.

I am following my own path. Just as I need to in this moment.

So, today I wanted to actually give my top 2 tips for finding your inner voice, or rather, putting it into action… My top 2 tips for beating your drum, your way…

1) Let Go

Easier said than done, which I appreciated, but probably the most important. Let go of the past. Let go of your fears. Let go of the how. Everyday we make choices, some of which align with an outcome which is for your highest good. Others which do not. To really beat the drum to your own rhythm, it is time to let get out of how things will come about. Concern yourself with the outcome, the success, the dream and everything will begin to beat in alignment with you. 

Remember the universe is working to provide for you. What song are you beating at the moment?

2) Allow

At the moment I am fascinated by the word allow. All too often we talk about our circumstances happening to us, especially when the outcome is negative. We take that victim stance where things happen to and around us, and we begin to own it, even when we dont need too. Well, when you want to start really manifesting your reality, when you want to start beating your drum your way, then you need to allow. Allow opportunity to present itself. Allow opportunity to be gained, allow yourself to recieve abundance, allow love into your life. Allow the universe to provide, and allow your beat to shine through. 

With Love, 

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