30 Seconds at a Time


Hi My Loves,

So I am now back into the swing of things and inspired to continue bringing actionable content that you can implement into your life right now!

So to kick things off, welcome to Monday Musings!

Often, some of my best work (and I bet yours as well), comes from those random thoughts that manage to take hold of your soul and grow, until one day the thought is front and center like a neon sign, one you have seen a million times before, but never actually stopped to look at.

Well, thats what Monday Musings is all about. Over the course of each week, I will be growing ideas or pondering concepts, that I will share with you the following Monday. Somedays it may be something small, something that has been on my mind a lot that week. Somedays it may be an actionable tip, somedays it could even be free content to inspire you to lead a empowered life. At this stage what I do know, is that each week will be guided by my inner compass. My attempt to start the week ensuring that my inner compass is guiding me for the tasks ahead, setting the intent every week to follow my own song, rather than the popular one at the time.

So, how is that for an introduction right! Today’s Monday Musing actually stems from an interaction I had last weekend, and one that I have spoken about before. The beauty of a 30 second challenge.

Let me ask you something, and take all the time in the world to answer… (although I would love to hear your thoughts, so please post them in the comments below ūüôā ), how long does it take to realign? I am not talking about a life long state¬†that stays miss positive in the face of absolutely everything, but in a moment of pain, anger or disappointment, how long does it take to realign to your highest good, in that moment? Too me it is an interesting question. One side of me wants to say it takes as long as it takes. The other side of me, wants to remind the¬†pessimistic side that anything can change in a moment. In a breath your world can snap back into focus. In the blink of an eye, you can see a rainbow and smile, you can see a sign that represents a loved one to remind you that you are not alone, hear the notes of a familiar song to make your heart happy. These are all things that can happen in a moment…

So how awesome would it be for us to take charge of those moments, instead of leaving it up to chance?

I don’t know about you, but truthfully, I never imagined I would be doing what I do now. I was miss pessimistic. Always, and I mean always, waiting for the other shoe to drop, when something good happened, I waiting for something to take it away. Frankly, growing up I couldn’t just snap out of it. I had so much going on inside my brain (let alone what I was trying to achieve from a soul level), that putting energy into being happy just wasn’t worth it. It was easier to plan for worst case scenario, because if it happened I was prepared, if it didn’t then I could be pleasantly surprised right?

The thing is, deep down I KNEW I wanted more. I wanted to get rid of the black cloud that followed me, I wanted to move beyond always waiting for the worst thing to happen, I wanted to let go of the paranoia that it was all going to fall a part. But I didn’t know how. I kept thinking I had to show these giant leaps of faith, completely trusting that everything would be ok.

That was not me, and truth be told, still is not me.

What I could do however, was take baby steps, and that is where the 30 second challenge comes into play. When I first began to experience abundance and gratitude, the idea of it all seemed horrendously ridiculous. So I broke it down into smaller chunks. Things I could achieve in small doses that I now call “quick wins”. Mini positives that remind me that I can achieve things, and the different techniques I could use to bring gratitude into my life in a practical way, short bursts of relaxation, short bursts of activities that make me happy.

The idea behind it, was that if I could set a goal for 30 seconds, then I was more inclined to do it. It was 30 seconds, all the reasons I would have not to were pretty much invalid when you break it down to 30 seconds. Then something amazing happened, beyond the 30 seconds I kept going. I wanted to continue with the tasks because I knew I could. 30 second would turn into a couple of minutes which turned into 10 minutes and so on.

Eventually, I started a pattern of creating amazing moments of peace,of gratitude, of happiness, by starting at 30 seconds.

Amazing things can happen when you just take a few moments here and there. A few moments for no one else but you. You are worth a whole lot more, so why not start with 30 seconds…

So for this week I challenge you – find something to do that makes your heart smile for 30 seconds at least. If you go longer fantastic, if you make it to 30 then awesome goal achieved. 30 seconds… it can change your life.



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