Gratitude…Nerves and a Change of Direction…

Yesterday I presented for the first time under the Zoetic Dawn brand.

Let me tell you, I was petrified. What if no-one came to sit down? What if no-one agreed with me? What if I completely stuffed it up?

I don’t think I have ever been so nervous before! Which, really was silly, because as many of you know my 9-5 job is in education. That’s the thing though, I didn’t want to teach, I wanted to facilitate discussion, I wanted to get to know the people I was interacting with, shoot I wanted interaction.

I am so thankful for those who came to see me speak. I was amazed and humbled by those who joined in for my session, which was all about Gratitude and the snowball effect. I have grateful for so much that has happened lately, but I am also grateful for the opportunities yet to come. The opportunities for me to grow, to develop to walk my truth and reach my highest good.

Gratitude is a funny thing, and like pretty much everything else I have learnt and engaged with for the last two years, it works best when it comes from you. I can’t tell you how to my grateful for your life, but what I can do is tell you the importance of the snowball effect. Gratitude doesn’t have to be some big grand gesture of faith, giving gratitude is more about giving faith that all that has come to be, and all that is to be is for your highest good. Sure you can manifest different things, you can create your reality, but isn’t that an insane amount of pressure when you think about it?

Because the reality is that it is. Creating your reality is about ownership Creating your reality is about owning your journey, and not being afraid to walk it. Gratitude is having faith that your reality is for your highest good.

And, that is what I spoke about yesterday. Using gratitude in small steps to show you have faith in the process, but importantly that you have faith in you. So, I did give my top 3 tips for gratitude which I was also give here 🙂

  1. Start Small – Like I said, it doesnt have to be some big gesture. Be thankful for the smallest things that made you smile. Much like it is hard to answer the question “what makes you happy?”, another way to start is to answer “what made you smile?”. Things that made you smile is an excellent place to start.
  2. Appreciate what you have. What you have in your reality has come from you. You have chosen it, but have you expressed gratitude for it? Regardless of how big or small, do you take time to show gratitude for the things you have, or the aspects of self. Are you ready to be grateful for you?
  3. Daily Practice – It doesn’t have to be big. 30 seconds of gratitude is better than 0 seconds, and better yet… its all you need. 30 seconds or whatever practice suits you… take a moment to be grateful for that which you have, that which you are grateful for from the bottom of your soul to the top of your human ;).

One last tip, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Nothing will snowball your gratitude the wrong way than pressure and self-doubt. Don’t worry if nothing comes to mind immediately, take a moment to enjoy the openness, let it go and come back later.

There is nothing wrong with a bad day.

So you may have noticed some subtle branding changes over the last few months. I am just working on streamlining my messaging, get my images, fonts and colours just right. So the blogs may have a different feel.

Focusing on action tips I will be providing one actionable tip for the week ahead, based on the energy of the time. This week is gratitude… next week who knows!

The other major change that has happened is my shift into courses and workshops both face-to-face and online. Along my Coaching Services  you will also find Online Courses  check it out and see what I have been up too.

So thats it from me this week. Remember to go gently into this week and flow with what is right for you in your moment, for you right now.


Much Loves,


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