Expression and Creation

One thing that seems to empower us the most is being able to walk our truth. One thing that seems to disempower us is our ability, or lack their of, to express what that truth really is.

Sometimes we need to take a moment, and reassess where we are, what we want, and answer the all important question, what makes us happy? Can you truthfully answer that? Right here, right now. From a heart-driven level, what makes your heart sing? 
It would appear that through our upbringing, and different societal pressures, we have this sense of purpose being tied to external forces. We will be successful when we achieve X. When we are successful we will be happy. But is that really true? 
You can be successful without walking your truth. There are millions of people every day who get up and go to work, earn an income, go home and drown their sorrows attempting to find happiness through money and resources. You want to know a secret? That is a fast track to a break down caused by sheer burnout. 
So, take a moment today to ask yourself two things. 
Firstly, how can you express yourself in a way that is comfortable for you? How can you put your feelings, from a human and a soul level out into the universe to empower you to co-create? 
Maybe it’s through art. Maybe it is through music, discussion, meditation, dreams, emotion. The sky is the limit. 
How can you express yourself? What can you create that gets those burning intentions out into the world? How can you begin to co-create?
Your next question… what makes your soul sing? What makes your heart dance? What makes you feel warm fuzzies?
If you can’t seem to express the answer, or you feel like it is on the tip of your tongue… what can you create to get it out? 
You hold the power to your co-creation. You have the ability to empower your heart to sing, your soul to dance, your stomach to feel butterflied of excitement. You can create that. 
So, reflection, sing, dance, run, move, laugh, write, draw, paint. Do whatever it is you need to do to express the answer, to the age old question…
What can you do to make your heart sing?
What makes you happy?

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