Life Paths and Process

One area that I have struggled on and off with for years is trusting in the process. I believe we have a path, a journey, a set of experiences designed to enhance us. These experiences all contribute to who we are on a soul level, and a human level, and hugely contribute to our path.

Now I don’t necessarily mean path as a series of predetermined steps, rather a process, or set of experiences designed for our highest good. In fact, in my view it is the path that is important, not the destination. It is the opportunities we accept, or, decline. It is the lessons we take on board, or, reject. It is the perspective that we choose to use when we view the world in all its beauty that is the important aspect of the journey.

The thing is, at times that path can be daunting. It can be scary and down right overwhelming and consuming. It can spiral us down, or it can lift us up. It can confront us, challenges us, force us to move forward when we don’t want too. Frankly, it can be a pain in the butt.

But, a lot of the above is a mindset thing. Yes our circumstances can result in a downward momentum, but we have the ability, more appropriately the power, to view things in a different light.

Recently a few aspects of life have been getting me down. I was bombarded with stress from various sources, and everything just seemed a bit too damn hard. It’s funny when I reflect on it. I was burning the candles at both end, and needed a break. Yet, me being me, was far too stubborn to do so. Eventually I burnt out completely and took almost two weeks to recover.

Since recovering things have moved at full speed. The stress that was coming from all directions is still coming, but that forced break made me change my perspective a bit. I found my trust in the process. The process can be hard. Much like the path itself it requires you to let go, to trust that the journey is right for you. That the journey is for your highest good. Yet we shun away from the unknown, so asking to essentially trust in the unknown is, well, frankly extremely difficult. Yet here I am, allowing my own journey to fall into place. Don’t get me wrong, I am still co-creating my own reality. I am actively choosing the things that make my heart and soul sing with joy. I am focusing on what I want, rather than what I don’t, but I am allowing the opportunities to come from any direction.

Much like stress can bombard from anywhere, so too can opportunities for growth, for light, for all positive things. We are so quick to allow stress to come in from anywhere, and actively deny opportunities because they were not what we expected.

So today, going into the weekend I challenge you. Turn away from the stress, turn away from the things which do not serve you for your highest good, and just watch and consider each opportunity as it comes your way. It could be the opportunity that changes it all.


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