Monday Motivation

Such a tricky thing. Motivation. Be it something you desperately desire, or the mundane tasks of our human experience, remaining motivated throughout can be challenging.

For me, when I think of motivation, one other word immediately pops into my brain.

Organisation. I am a bit of an organiser. Realistically I was born to be a career student haha! Study Plans, organising my work load… and afternoon naps were my jam! I’m not even kidding, one of the hardest things about going into the workforce fulltime was,

  1. Not being able to take my afternoon naps
  2. Forced timetable of activity not organised and maintained by me.

Now, it isn’t because I am a control freak that point 2 trouble me so. It was the forced lack of spontaneity that followed my new regime. It was the fact that between such and such a time, and the end of that allocated workday I had to do what I was told, when I was told. To top it off I had lost any creativity that had come with study, the learning, the development the pondering massive universal questions over coffee.

What I also missed was my routine. Sunday evenings called for planning the week coming. Planning in a way that allowed for error or fires to come up, and appropriately be dealt with. Planning that allowed me to in effective put the mundane onto auto-pilot and fill my lucid time with wonderous things which made me happy. Believe it or not, I missed planning.

So for the last little while, I have made planning an active part of my week again, only now it has a slightly different twist. Now on a Sunday evening I plan my clothing for the next few days, (honestly I thought this tip was garbage but now I SOOOO get it), I plan my diary, my blog posts, and the family needs. But, now I take it one step further, and draw my theme for the week ahead. From cards to runes, whatever feels right, I stop, spend some time within and refocus my energy on the power of possibility that I hold within.

It has been an amazing process for me to do. It makes it feel as though the week been is coming to an end, I can let go of the worries, the headaches and the tiredness in anticipating for new possibilities, and secondly, it brings new possibilities.

Sunday have become my check in with me day. Focusing entirely on within I have the time to check if I am or am not in alignment with where I want to be, what I want to do, and how I want to be. I am a chance to breathe a sigh of relief that another week has passed, and release the tension associated. I get to plan the possibilities of the future, and I get to focus on what I want to manifest.

What is important, isn’t what I actually do for my routine. The ins and outs and maybes. But that for at least a moment a week I go within. I focus on me, and I realign with my goals, my sense of purpose.

What better motivation than motivation from within?



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