Monday Meditation

Last week I wrote about motivation. Where one find their motivation, and a couple of tips to help stay motivated in amongst the chaos.

One of the things I like to do to realign, and re-motivate myself is meditate.

The thing with meditation is that there are so many different ways to meditate, that at this point, I don’t think I have found two people that meditate the same way. One of the things I have learnt over the last couple of years is that you have to follow your own path regardless of what your outcome may be.

Your outcome may be incredibly similar to another’s, but your story, your journey will always be aligned for highest good, and therefore different from another’s.

So when I am finding myself out of balance, out of kilter or out of step too my journey, I find a moment to meditate. Now for me meditation is dictated more by the resources I have at my disposal, and my desired outcome, in comparison to a set of unspoken rules about what being zen is.

First thing first… my mind, does not shut off. When I first started meditating my mind wandered to meditation practices…. I wouldnt have been surprised if at some point, I was thinking… right on the count of 3 I will stop thinking… 1, 2, 3 oh a butterfly.

The thing I never connected with, is that perhaps the butterfly was the message from my intuition, for my highest good. Perhaps the word butterfly was what I needed in that moment, yet I turned away from it from some fear of the unknown and “surely” it cannot be that simple” mentality.

Anyway, where was I? I use meditation for a range of purposes. From spiritual connection with self, rest and relaxation or pain relief, meditation has been a key thing for my own sense of self from way before I opened the spiritual door.

Why? Because, meditation gets you back to focusing on what it is that you want. Meditation allows the noise of the world to fade away, allows you to align with you. Meditation reconnects your soul to your human so you can engage with the world in a more holistic way…

And, like I said before meditation isn’t about rules. If you are sitting there wondering about what meditation can do you for, why not give it a try? So this Monday’s actionable tip is to try a mini meditation.

Actionable Tip

When it all feels like you need a break. Take a moment and stop. Meditation is about connection. Meditation is about inspiring, meditation is about truth and authenticity.

Take a moment, close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths in and out allowing your breathing to slow, and then listen. Take note of the sounds you can here, the sensations on your skin, if your are sitting outside can you feel the breeze? Is the sun kissing your skin softly, warming it gently?

Take a moment to connect with yourself. Listen, look, smell, think, feel, taste even the sensations around you. Reconnect your physical experiences with your mental and emotional experiences, you never know what you might come across.

The key is to use meditation with intent. Why do you want to use it? What benefit will it provide in that moment? Are you ready to really move forward and listen to the soul and human connection?

Have a go at the tip above, let me know how you get on, I love when others share experiences.




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