Coaching Challenge

I recently read somewhere that one of the best sure fire ways to gain a genuine boost of confidence is to step outside of your comfort zone. To take a moment to challenge yourself, for you never really know the amazing possibilities that may come up, and to stop fearing the dreaded what if, and start loving the potential that is from within.

I couldn’t agree more. The amount of growth, and development, alongside huge confidence development that I have seen through pushing your boundaries in a safe environment is amazing. Even when you don’t necessarily achieve the original expectations, the lessons, the values, the tips you pick up along the way are truly valuable and unique to you and your journey.

So every now and again we are going to push it. If you are willing to join me, we are going to push the boundaries a little bit further, we are going to challenge ourselves in different ways, we are going to expand, grow and develop.

What I love about this idea is you can do it alone, with loved ones, or find a tribe to join you. If you are interested, we always welcome new members into the Zoetic Dawn Coaching private group (Zoetic Dawn Inner Circle), feel free to come and share your experiences, and energy with some like minded people, looking to grow and develop also.

Anyway, as this is a new concept for Zoetic Dawn Coaching, lets get into our first Coaching Challenge.

Our first challenge is about working out the many different aspects of self we have. Over the next week right now two or three introductions about yourself.

  1. Introduction One: Is how you would introduce yourself in a formal employment setting. What skills and attributes do you have, that you could bring into the fold. What things do you want them to know about you?>
  2. Introduction Two: Is how you would introduce yourself to friends and family. Now I know this is a bit awkward given that they are friends and family there is a wee bit of an expectation that they already know you….but give it a go. What would you say about yourself?
  3. Introduction Three: Is on a individual level. What would you say to yourself about yourself. We are often so unkind internally, that this task is often difficult. It can be quite confronting to put pen to paper and right the thoughts we often say. Committing them to paper forces us to acknowledge that perhaps we are unjustifiably mean towards ourself.

Take a look at the three pieces. Ask yourself two questions: are there similarities? and secondly, is the third introduction how others see us?

It can be a big thing to admit that how we feel about our own sense of self is not the same as the way others view us. Take it easy this week, enjoy the space and time, enjoy the little moments, and remember that these introductions do not define you, that are snapshot in this moment, at the precise time you right them.

Come join us in the inner circle and lets see how we all get on with this ❤



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