Monday Reflections

Welcome to another week my darlings. 

The past week has been… shall we say, interesting, and challenging and full of opportunities for reflection.

Why is that the mere sight of the word “reflection” has the ability to make us crawl into ourselves so fast you would think we were running from certain death? What is it about facing our own journey that has us running scared?

Some say it’s because we won’t like what it is we see, personally, I think it is because we know everything will be different on the other side.

But different doesn’t mean bad, and “security” doesn’t mean good. These are simply mere words. Combinations of letters than we give value and energy, but it doesn’t change the fact that “reflection” is what we make of it. Whether we see it as a random combination of letters, or something more meaningful. 

So I thought I would do a bit of a post on reflections, and how they can be incorporated into a bit of a personal practice…

1) Why? 

Why reflect? Well for me, reflection gives me a chance to check out how I am doing. To check in with myself and specifically to reaffirm my intent for that time. The art of reflection, allows me to make sure I have balanced, I am what I need to be at any given moment, but also to work out where I want to be.

Reflection is away to plan forward, rather than staying stagnant or in the past. 

2) How?

For me reflection becomes tedious and boring when I set an expectation to it. I will journal every day, or I will do this that and the other thing. 

I reflect, by taking a snapshot of my mood, my emotions, thoughts, physical body at any given time. For me that is through art, or music, or writing, or singing, or spending time with my family. 

Reflection is not any one thing. It is a collection of tools you can use when appropriate to continue gaining momentum forward. 

3) How to start? 

You already have, you are here, reading this post, pushing your boundaries perhaps or planning what you can do in the future? Yet, my one piece of “real” advice is, to go slow. Start small, and make sure whatever it is you do, works for you, in your journey, your moment, your now. 

Ask yourself… How do I feel today? And take it from there. Eventually the word today maybe replaced with, how did I feel when X? How do I think I will feel when Y? Did doing X align with my true purpose? 

Like anything, reflection is what you make of it. Good, bad or ugly, reflection truely is a beautiful way to check in with that beautiful nature of your true story. 


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