Monday Musing

As I sat down to write this post, the post designed to inspire, to motivate, a post full of profound knowledge and wisdom, I realise…
Nothing is coming to me. 
Nothing, not an idea, a concept, a pondering.
So it was time to take a break. So instead of writing, I baked. A delicious fudge brownie and cream cheese topped baked cheesecake goodness.
And now I feel much better… so while I wait for the brownie to cool, I decided it was again time to write.
And initially nothing came to me. Then I realised the purpose of nothing. That annoying feeling of not being able to move forward, the lack of idea, the lack of motivation often comes at a time when we are desperate to catapult forward. 
Yet when I look at previous experiences, that sense of nothing appears most frequently right before burnout.
Which got me thinking… Perhaps nothing is the precursor to burnout, or do we burn out from hitting our head against a brick wall for too long? 
Which came first? 
So I decided today’s post would be about what to do, when nothing comes to you.
1. stop – realise it is perfectly normal to need a break. It is human to need a moment to relax to switch mindsets before continuing. Just take a deep breath… 

2. forgive – stop being so damn hard on yourself. That moment of nothing is not permission to fill the void with negative self doubt. Don’t, bash beat and hate yourself for something which is essentially needed.

3. Perspective – get outside, or do yoga, paint, bake, whatever it is that you need to realign from a human point of view. Often the nothing problem is the outcome or precursor to something else, go out and just be for awhile. Look at what the actual issue is before jumping into to fix it. Go have fun!
So as I continue to ponder if this nothing was a blip, an outcome or a precursor, I shall ponder while filling my tummy with deliciousness. 
For now, go out and be human, just be, enjoy, find inspiration… 

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