Feeling compelled to write…

Hi Lovelies,


This blog is a wee different to the others I have written so far. In comparison it isn’t a “top tip” blog post, a challenge or even necessarily a coaching post. What it is, however, is a mind dump of sorts.

I felt compelled to write. So I decided to write.

Really, it is that simple.

My journey to date has been one full of ups and downs, curves and straights, spirals and plateaus. While from the outside my journey may appear to have similarities with many others, the essence of my journey is entirely unique to me.

It got me thinking, there are so many grand concepts out there. Be happy by… Do this and feel joy… Look here this will help you. Truthfully, many of these hold validity in the real world. I mean, heck I use them daily, the thing is, what a concept can’t feel is the essence of the person engaging with it.

Manifestation by affirmation works for some and not for others.

Meditation means entirely different things depending on who is using it.

Planning details works for some people, but hinders others.

The essence of who I am, and how I interact with my journey is me. It is up to me to make the most of it. It is up to me to take control, to acknowledge my shortcomings, develop my strengths. It is up to me to continue to move forward. To continue planning, and growing and developing.

It is up to me to bring these grand ideas into a working format for me.

Recently I purchased a singing bowl. I am in love with it. I love the way it sounds, the size, the feel. I love the subtlety of it. My husband, well he doesnt get it đŸ˜‰ But thats okay. He doesnt have to understand everything I do. What I ask of him is that he respects what makes me me.

Isn’t funny though how often we don’t expect the same from ourselves. We Push back, demean and disrespect ourselves. Sometimes every day, sometimes every second. We don’t expect self respect from ourselves on a regular basis. (This is a huge generalisation btw, not saying this is everyone). Yet we will respect others views, opinions and concepts, because it is their journey, essentially, who are we to question their own experiences.

For me, this is where empowerment comes into it. Coaching isn’t about empowerment. Coaching is about taking what you have, respecting it, respecting your journey, and working out what tools you have, what makes you you, and how that feeds into your story.

I get asked sometimes what a session with me looks like. Truth be told I can’t tell you. It is literally different for everyone. Sometimes my sessions are fast paced, bouncing ideas from one another, sometimes they are serious and involve challenging self expectations, sometimes they are full of laughter and jokes. Because at anyone time that is what the person needs, based on their journey.

Just as no two days are the same in our own experiences, the same is true for coaching. What works for one will not always work for another.

The same can be said for grand ideas. With so many options for self help avaliable, the key message I give to all is to discern. Discern what is and isn’t right for you and your journey. Allow your views to be challenged, but if it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t.

Much like we often don’t demand respect from self, we also don’t listen to the one person who is able to provide inside information and confirmation of alignment. Self. We seek confirmation from outside sources, after all, we often assume outside influences are the source of our stress, so it makes sense we seek the answers from there as well.

Truth is, the answers can be found from within.

Its about learning to listen to self, and respect the wisdom that comes from within.

Anyway, that was a bit of a jumbled mind dump, but following my instincts, and doing what I feel is right…


Are you?




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