Monday Magic

The last few weeks have been incredibly interesting for me. Sometimes it feels as though the world is spinning far too fast and there just is not enough time in the day. The next moment it feels as though the same world which spins to fast has slowed to a stop and I am crawling to the finish line.

In the next few days one major era of my life comes to an end and I begin a new adventure. I am petrified, but excited, and honestly my head is so much in human mundane tasks at the moment, I haven’t really taken time to assess my excitement. It for sure is there, bubbling under the surface, but my day to day responsibilities have taken priority.

Which is a-okay. Everything comes as and when it is meant to, and following much along the same lines, the last two weeks for me have been very much about ebbs and flows, gives and takes, chaos and calm. It can be quite unsettling when this begins to happen, especially if you have had a stable journey as of late, a spin and slow mentality can really have a wider effect on your sense of stability and knowing.

Which is why I decided to focus my Monday blog on the magic in the world. That magic comes to the forefront went your intent allows it too. It is your intent that powers your day to day experiences so to speak, your intent that strengthen your desires, your intent that gives your wishes the oomph to become reality. Your intent that allows your ebbs and flow to flow a little more, and ebb a little less.

Your intent is the magical card to Oz, the ticket to the factory of your dreams. Your intent is who you are, who you chose to be, how you chose to live your life. It isn’t enough to just state your intent, the key is to live it. To believe in the power of you that any ounce of self-doubt is removed with one breath. To allow your intent to drive your forward, setting your goals, aligning your mind, body and soul into one.

That’s where the magic lies. Within. With an aligned state of being, an aligned human and soul, balancing the dance of this reality, with the journey of the soul. It can be done, and the pixie dust so to speak is intent.

Now look at that, a rather waffly way of saying you get out what you put in. But it’s true. That is the magic required to make your dreams a reality and move past the stagnant energy of the past. You want to move forward in your career? Stop and ask yourself, are you behaving as though that is the case? Are you working on confidence, allowing your strengths to shine, and stating clearly your intent to move forward?

But what happens if you don’t know what you want?

Ah my dears, that is where the magic can truly take hold. Your intent and intuition are what continue to guide you, even when you are unsure. Your intuition keeps to steady while your intent sorts out the details so to speak. What is important is not the end goal, but your willingness and openness to following your own path… to ensuring you are aligned from body, to soul, to mind.

This week, be present with your intent. Focus on what it is your want, and frankly don’t be afraid to state it for the world to hear.

Go into the world and participate.



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