Coaching Challenge 2 – Update

So last week I challenged you to self-praise. To make an effort to acknowledge at least one thing every day that you did well.

One thing that amazes me is the different ways people approach this. Some do it from a very pragmatic way, focusing on one area of life, be it work, friendships, relationships or anything else of relevance to them.

Other’s approach it as a free for all, anything one has done well.

Some struggle putting the praise into words, and prefer to reward themselves with something… others prefer to write a whole of of information about the praise itself…

Either way, I am yet to met someone who hasn’t found this challenge valuable.

And that isn’t anything to do with the challenge.

I personally struggle with the self-praise thing. I hate taking compliments, so giving them to myself is even harder. Anyone who knows me knows this is not an area I excel in. I know it is important to self-praise, to acknowledge the input I have had into something, and the way my input affects the outcome. Yet every time I struggle.

But, the thing is, it isnt about what I did well in the first place. This challenge forces us to acknowledge that we do or do not provide encouragement and support from self. It was and always is a solid reminder of the importance of self-praise… in whatever form it takes.


Tell me, how did you find it?



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