Mindful Monday 

Something a bit different for this week.
I have been so incredibly grateful for the opportunities presented to me this week, but more than that I am so aware of how I allowed external aspects of my life to control my happiness.
I was miserable – and the sad thing is I didn’t even know it. 
Yes I loved my family, my friends and my hobbies. But I am so much more living in the present now that a major source of stress and pain has been removed.
As cheesy as it sounds, colours are brighter, food tastes better, I smile more and laugh harder.
I am back to being me. Which means I can give more. I am more present, more focussed on the now, more in the moment.
But it also makes me a bit sad. I was so caught up with what was the catalyst for the hurt I never fully understood how much of a hold it had over me. How much I was sitting on the outside of my own life to make something that was hurting me work. It worries me that many others are also facing this challenge. The stress getting a little bigger everyday, never enough to notice at once, but none the less growing until one day you crash. You burn out. You effectively stop participating in your life and simple function to maintain life.
Trust me – that is no way to be.
The world is wondering and expansive a and inclusive and you can surround yourself with opportunities.
The thing is you have to mindful of your current now, and you have to be willing to change it.
And frankly,
That takes hard work. It takes determination and strength. It takes you to believe enough is enough and you are worth more.
Because you are…
This week I am setting a goal to be more mindful, not only to myself, but my surroundings also.
To be more mindful of my experiences, opportunities, to watch and engage with the world as though I am creating it…
Because I am creating mine…
Are you?

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