Monday Monday 

Monday Monday
I recently posted about Mondays. They seem to get a bad wrap right? For a typical working week it’s back to the hard slog of work, the daily grind, the usual.
But isn’t it all really a mindset thing?
I mean, it’s just a day.
It’s pretty hard to put pressure on an arbitrary construct created to make your human life easier right?
Mondays don’t need to be a negative thing. I mean, let’s flip it around.
Mondays generally have a feeling around them of the start of a week. So why do we fail to allow it to be fresh, new and exciting? 
Mondays are full of possibilities, of dreams waiting to come to fruition, of planning and processing new information, new opportunities.
The reality it that it is is that define what Monday means. It is us that focuses on the negative, dreading a day often before it even arises. So it is us that can make it a day full of possibilities. 
So today I challenge you to shift your mindset.
Mondays are full of potential. 
What do you chose? 

2 thoughts on “Monday Monday 

    • ZoeticDawn says:

      Once upon a time I hated Mondays but now look at them very much the same as you ❤️ it’s crazy isn’t it that we would let a day define us in a negative way, if we were to define it at all it should be a positive thing!

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