Coaching Challenge

Today your challenge is simple in nature, but I hope effective.

There are many different goal setting techniques out there, the most “common” would be the SMART system.

Often we tackle goals from this standpoint. In someways we are trained to (and I often use it myself) but today I want you to see your goal from the heart, rather than the logic of the mind. 

The HEART goal.

Anything you want… what is it? 

Is it:

H-heart based or ego based in nature? Now is the time to focus on your needs and desires. What is the driving force behind it?
E-equitable – will the desired outcome be in balance with the effort required from you? Will the goal raise you up or potentially deplete your resources?
A-aligned – is this goal in alignment with self? All aspects of self from mind, body through to soul?
R-robust – a bit more traditional but is this goal robust in its nature? Is it robust in that you know this goal is real for you, honours who you are and will support your continued growth?
T-true – is this goal founded on allowing you to walk and embrace your truth? Is the goal driven by truth? Is it empowering you to live the life you are meant to walk? 

Go through the list and ask yourself the above questions honestly. Does your goal align with your heart? 

Do not worry about the how, for the how will reveal itself in time. What matters now is that the goal honours you, at your core, your human, your soul and supports you coming into your own, your truth. 

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