3 “odd” but effective tips for Motivation

Have you ever lost motivation for something important? Deep down you know you need to keep going, that you would feel a bucket load better if you pushed through and became one step closer to the goal, yet you just can't be bothered?

Well – truthfully I have, and even today I was having a moment…

I'm tired, and really want to nap but my to do list isn't getting any shorter. So I decided to use my current mood to my advantage and here we are.

My top 3 tips for maintaining motivation…

1) give into procrastination – now I get why this sounds unconventional but work with me here. Sometimes we need a break, and that's okay! Sometimes it's okay to follow your inspiration when it strikes even if it seems as though it's procrastination by nature. Go with the flow and allow yourself to get distracted. A) it will allow you to get it out of your system so you can focus on your goal after, and B) you never know where procrastination will lead you… you may find the motivation you needed all along.

2) have fun – if your actions are no longer bringing you joy it's time to change things up a bit. Get outside, play, sleep, watch a comedy, do whatever feels right but importantly do something that brings you joy. It is a lot easier to stay motivated when your happy in the first place.

3) redefine the goal – sometimes it's not the motivation that is missing, but the goal itself. Sometimes it no longer aligns with your true journey. Now, that concept can seem rather scary. Particularly when the goal at hand has been a significant part of your day to day for an extended period of time. Yet sometimes it is necessary, sometimes it isn't about holding on to the goal but acknowledging what your journey is.

The thing is with all of these "tips" it's about taking time to listen to yourself, to listen to your own journey, where you are and where you want to be. Motivation comes and goes, and that's okay. It's about listening and following your truth, and allowing more beautiful and exciting opportunities in…

Take a moment to ask why your motivation has disappeared, for the best tip always comes from within.


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