Monday Musing…

Sometimes you gotta do human things to be able to reconnect with your soul. 
I believe, we are made up of various different parts. We have soul traits, we have human traits, but it is the way they weave together and create the tapestry of our “knowing” that results in something truely beautiful. 

The thing is, as much as we know we need to maintain a sense of balance, that life work balance is just as important as soul and human… balance seems elusive some days we we just outright struggle to connect with our own sense of self. Or at least I know I do. 
I have had so much going on in my little brain that I had put my big black walls up again, and started to shut down… The thing is, I knew it was happening, but I was so busy (or at least telling myself I was) that I couldnt see a way out. A way to return to balance. 
So I stopped pushing it, and I let things happen as they should and would. I spent some time “humaning”, or rather participating in the human day to day tasks that I had. 

What happened? I feel so much more in alignment with my own sense of self. I feel balanced, calm and unbelievably relaxed in comparison to the few days leading up to letting go. 
So I things that needed to be doing. 

I cleaned

I studied

I planned out my week ahead

I knitted

I spent time with my family

I exercised! 
And by doing that, all the clutter and the noise disappeared. The blocks, opened. The shadows, lifted. 
The balance returned.
I let go, and my own self stepped in and allowed my centre to return, my soul to ground, and my being to relax. 
So now, I am planning the week ahead, enjoying my surroundings and trusting that I will do, what is best for me. 

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