Monday Mention

What heals you?

Seriously. I think it is a question we do not stop to ask ourselves enough.


In today’s lifestyle we are trained to keep busy. To care for others, to work, to study, to excel, to compete. Don’t forget to be mindful, grateful, kind, balanced. Add in some grace and strength and wa la… you have the perfect concoction for burn out and unbalanced if I ever did see it.

How many minutes did you dedicate over the last seven days to just being? How many moments did you allow yourself to stop and take a breath, simply to enjoy being you?


My guess… is not many… and I would go further to say not nearly enough.


But the real question is, how do we do that when we have so many things calling for our attention on any given day? How do we put our own sense of self first and set clear boundaries and us time?

For some it is a matter of literally scheduling it in. Like an appointment for self-care. For many it is developing a routine for them, first thing in the morning, an afternoon walk, right before bed.

But the truth is (or at least in my experience), making time is almost the easy part, it’s what you do with it that counts. If you sit there watching the clock like some self-imposed prison then self-care is not going to have the healing and rejuvenating effects that it is intended for.


So, today, rather than focusing on making time, lets focus on what we can do when we have it. Below you will find my top 5 favourite things to do for self-care, and self-healing. But, with a twist. I once saw this on a buzzfeed article and loved it so for today my top 5 tips are rated not by “value” but rather by speed.

My intention: to demonstrate that meaningful self-care and healing can take place at any time… at any speed.


10 Seconds In 10 seconds believe it or not you can do a lot. But for me, I like to take a deep breath, raise and lower my shoulders and physically allow my body to relax. 10 seconds of peace, 10 seconds of relaxation.


1 Minute Focused Breathing. Watch a clock, or estimate but focus on deep breaths in and out for one minute. I like to turn it into a game of sorts and breath until I can feel my stomach expand with the breath. I also like the control of slowly releasing it. Allowing my body to physically fall into a rhythm.

5 Minutes Read something Something short, snappy and inspiring. An article, a joke, whatever it is. I particularly like doing this with quote, allowing my eyes to find the quote I need most in that moment. Reflect and move on.

Or my favourite thing to do in 5 minutes is put on some awesome music and allow it to carry me away. Music has always been and no doubt will always be my go to for self-care and healing.

10 Minutes A hot cuppa, or a ice cold beverage of some description. Probably something we are trained for (lol) but a cuppa makes all the difference in a day. Nothing to do but to sit back and enjoy allowing my energy to resettle and realign.

30 Minutes In 30 minutes I like to read, sing, play or doddle. Anything that allows me to spend time on my own just enjoying whatever it is I am doing. In fact in this instance what I choose to do is irrelevant, provided in that timeframe it is something that makes me do one of two things.

  1. stop and ponder a concept or “thing”.
  2. get out some creativity

1 Hour Power Nap lol! For me in one hour the world in my oyster. A few things I like to do here:

  • Go on a you tube journey… watch one video and see where it goes. Allows for heaps of time for me to get some new insight on a topic or simply have a laugh.
  • Watch my fav TV shows – relaxing enjoying and being.
  • Hot bath – a good long soak can wash away a lot.
  • seriously… a power nap.

1 Day –  now I know it can seem a bit extreme but spending a day learning, growing and relaxing for the purpose of being is a luxury that cannot be mimicked. I like to get outside, spend time on my own reading, allowing the day to come and go. Take photos, sing songs, nap, cook, eat, enjoy. A day of relaxation and peace… While I understand that it can be incredibly daunting to spend a day alone… or a day away from doing things and spending it with ones you love, it is incredibly healing…


The key is to ask yourself why. Why are you doing these things…

A little bit of time out can make the world seem a little less scary, and heal some major stress points…




What do you do for you to heal?




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